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    The Final Straw Tour was a concert tour by Scottish/Northern Irish alternative rock band Snow Patrol. It was launched in support of the group's 2003 album Final Straw. The band visited numerous venues internationally from 2003 through 2005. The tour is the collective name of many smaller tours and festivals Snow Patrol has played in support of their album. The tour commenced on 13 July 2003, spanned 13 legs and saw the band play over 200 shows, visiting four continents in the process. The band toured as both, a headlining and a support act, supporting bands like U2, Pixies, Athlete and Grandaddy during the tour. The Australian mini-tour of July 2004 marked the first time the band played in the country. Before the final leg of the tour, bassist Mark McClelland left the band. Replacement Paul Wilson, formerly of Terra Diablo, and then-touring keyboardist Tom Simpson subsequently made their live debuts as permanent members of the band. Snow Patrol's only DVD, Live at Somerset House was released from this tour. The last leg of the tour saw the band support U2 on the Vertigo Tour. Snow Patrol chose to end the touring, which had spanned almost two years, after the U2 dates in a bar owned by actor Eddie Murphy. The full tour spanned 223 dates and had 14 cancellations.

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