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  • McNair High School


    Ronald E. McNair High School is a public school in DeKalb County, Georgia, United States, located at 1804 Bouldercrest Road SE, Atlanta, GA 30316. It is southeast of Atlanta. The school was originally named Walker High School, but was renamed to McNair High School in 1987.

  • Abington Senior High School


    Abington Senior High School is a three-year co-educational high school in Abington, Pennsylvania, USA. The school was a two-year high school known as Abington South Campus from September 1964 until June 1983. In September 1983, Abington South Campus again became a three-year high school (grades 10 through 12) and eventually changed its name back to Abington Senior High. The 2014-2015 enrollment was 1,714. The principal is Mr. Angelo Berrios. Abington students are leaders in PSSA scores in the state of Pennsylvania and have won technology-oriented awards from Dell and Microsoft. Abington is most notable for its chess team, which has won the state championships the past five years and has competed well at the national level.

  • Hueytown High School


    Hueytown High School is a four-year public high school in the Birmingham, Alabama suburb of Hueytown. It is one of fourteen high schools in the Jefferson County School System. School colors are purple and gold, and the athletic teams are called the Golden Gophers. Hueytown competes in AHSAA Class 6A athletics.

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