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  • List of pickup trucks


    This page is an incomplete list of pickup trucks that are currently in production (as of April 2015). This page also includes Off-Roaders, Sports, Luxury, and Hybrids, both discontinued and still in production. Also, some vehicles are sold under different brands, therefore some vehicles may be listed more than once but usually link to the same page. Different countries/continents may also classify vehicles differently, example; the Nissan Navara name is known throughout most of the world, but in the United States and Canada, its sold as the Nissan Frontier, and in Mexico it's sold as the Nissan NP300

  • List of Nissan engines


    Nissan Motors uses a straightforward method of naming their automobile engines. The first few letters identify the engine family. The next digits are the displacement in deciliters. The following letters identify features added and are order specific based on the type of feature. Letter Feature Feature type D DOHC Camshaft V Variable Valve LiftCamshaft S CarburetorFuel delivery i Throttle Body Fuel InjectionFuel delivery E Electronic Port Fuel InjectionFuel delivery D Direct Cylinder Fuel Injection Fuel delivery N Natural gas fueledFuel delivery P LPG fueledFuel delivery R SuperchargedPower adder T Turbocharged Power adder Ti Turbocharged and intercooledPower adder TT Twin-TurbochargedPower adder HR High Response and High RevolutionSpecial K Improvement (from Kaizen)Special The features/letters follow a specific order and not all features are necessarily listed all of the time. The basic, common features follow this general order: Engine family character(s) two-digit engine displacement in deciliters 1 2 3 4 5 1 = Camshaft 2 = Fuel delivery 3 = Power adder 4 = 2nd power adder 5 = Special A good example to start with is the Nissan VG30DETT engine.

  • Toyota Hilux


    The Toyota Hilux (also stylized as HiLux and historically as Hi-Lux) is a series of light commercial vehicles produced and marketed by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota. The majority of these vehicles were sold as pickup truck or cab chassis variants although they could be configured in a variety of body styles. Most countries used the Hilux name for the entire life of the series but in North America, the Hilux name was retired in 1976 in favor of Truck, Pickup Truck, or Compact Truck. In North America the popular option package, the SR5 (Sport Rally 5-Speed), was colloquially used as a model name for the truck, even though the option package was also used on other Toyota models like the 1972 to 1979 Corolla. In 1984, the Toyota Trekker, the camper version of the Hilux, was renamed as the 4Runner in Australia and North America, and as the Hilux Surf in Japan. In 1995, Toyota introduced a new pickup model, the Tacoma in North America, thus discontinuing the Hilux/Pickup. The 4Runner is now a full SUV, and the more recent models of the Hilux are separate in appearance to the Tacoma.

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