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  • Honda Shadow


    A red Honda VT125C Shadow A black Honda VT 125 Shadow C JC29 build 1999 with original Honda custom parts A silver Honda Shadow VT125C Honda Shadow VT600 The Honda Shadow refers to a family of cruiser-type motorcycles made by Honda since 1983. The Shadow line features motorcycles with a liquid-cooled 45 or 52-degree V-twin engine ranging from 125 to 1,100 cc engine displacement. The 250 cc Honda Rebel is associated with the Shadow line in certain markets.

  • Honda VT1100


    The Honda VT1100 is a motorcycle engine used in the Honda Shadow 1100 motorcycle line since its debut in 1985 until production ended in 2007. In this 22 year run, there were minimal changes. It is a liquid cooled, , 45 degree V-twin. It has a bore and stoke of 87.5mm x 91.4mm with an 8:1 compression ratio. It is a chain driven, single overhead cam SOHC, with 3 valves and 2 spark plugs per cylinder. The valves are hydraulically actuated, requiring little, if any, maintenance over the life of the engine. They come with dual 36mm diaphragm-type CV carburetors and a solid state digital ignition. Depending on application and tuning, it produces ~ @ 5000 rpm and ~ @ 2750 rpm. This engine came with either a 5 speed manual transmission (1985-1986, 1995-2007) or a 4 speed manual transmission (1987-1996 VT1100C). All years are shaft drive. Final drive ratio is similar between these transmissions (one exception is the Honda Shadow Sabre model, which had a slightly lower final drive, making it the "sportier" model of the line). The VT1100 has been used in the following Honda motorcycles with these model designations: VT1100C - 1985-1996 (sometimes called "Classic") and 1997-2007 (Spirit) models VT1100C2 - 1995-1999 American Classic Edition (ACE) and 2000-2007 Sabre models VT1100C3 - 1998-2002 Aero models VT1100T - 1998-2001 ACE Tourer models. These Tourer models were dual crankpin whereas the regular ACE models were single crankpin models.The 1995-1999 VT1100C2 ACE and 1998-2000 VT1100C3 Aero models are single crank-pin models, all other 1100s are dual crankpin. The single crank pin model gave the engine a "loping idle" and more "rumble" in an attempt to mimic Harley-Davidson V-twins. It also lost about compared to the dual pin engines.

  • Honda Shadow Sabre


    The Honda Shadow Sabre (VT1100C2) refers to a cruiser-type motorcycle, that is part of the larger family of Honda Shadow. It was introduced in 2000 replacing the earlier Shadow A.C.E. It was retired after the year 2007. The Sabre name is being used again in the new 2010 Honda VT1300C custom line. The Shadow Sabre was, at its introduction, the hot rod (or in motorcycle jargon, the street rod) of Honda's cruiser line. As such, it has lower gearing than other 1100cc Shadows, for a stronger punch off the line, while retaining exactly the same (dual pin crank) engine as the others. The Sabre, as with the other Shadow 1100 models, were made at Honda's Marysville Motorcycle Plant in Ohio, for the domestic and export markets.

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