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  • Scrappage program


    A scrappage program is a government budget programme to promote the replacement of old vehicles with modern vehicles. Scrappage programmes generally have the dual aim of stimulating the automobile industry and removing inefficient, more polluting vehicles from the road. Many European countries have introduced large-scale scrappage programmes as an economic stimulus to increase market demand in the industrial sector during the global recession that began in 2008. Scrappage programmes were touted with different names, mostly referring to an environmental benefit. The Vehicle Efficiency Incentive in Canada was based on fuel-efficiency of cars. In Romania, this program is called " Rabla " (the wreck), and was launched by Dacia in 2000. In Germany, the economic stimulus program was called "Umweltprämie" (environmental premium) and in Austria "Ökoprämie" (eco-premium) while most of the public referred to it simply as "Abwrackprämie" (scrappage premium).

  • Jamjarcars


    alt=Jamjarcars was an online car leasing company, established in 2000 as jamjar.com and operated by the Royal Bank of Scotland Group in conjunction with Dixon Motor Holdings. After Dixon Motor Holdings was put into administration in 2007 the Jamjar business changed to a car finance brokerage, providing loans from Lombard Vehicle Management. Jamjarcars ceased providing new leases in September 2009. The company ceased trading in 2009 and its web domain and name were acquired by motoring business Grapevine Europe Ltd in 2015. Under Grapevine, Jamjar operates as an online car buyer comparison service.

  • Automotive industry crisis of 2008–2010


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