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  • List of Hoarders episodes


    This is a list of episodes for Hoarders, an American reality television program which aired on A&E, from 2009 to 2013, on Lifetime in 2015, and again on A&E beginning in 2016. Each episode follows one or two participants, each of whom is a compulsive hoarder. Throughout the episode, an organizational expert (who may also be psychiatrist, psychologist or a professional organizer specializing in some aspect involving the treatment of obsessive/compulsive disorders, anxiety disorders, and/or hoarding) works with the subject to address the situation and provide guidance in order to change hoarding behaviors. After the sixth season concluded on February 4, 2013, the program went on a hiatus before it was announced, on September 25, 2013, that the show had been cancelled. In June 2015, Lifetime organized a revival of the show, after a number of successful "Where Are They Now?" episodes. Lifetime recently aired the seventh season, under the subtitle Family Secrets; the show returned to A&E on January 3, 2016 for season eight. As of January 22, 2017, a total of 118 episodes aired. Most episodes are available individually on DVD from A&E's website.

  • Dodgetown, North Carolina


    Dodgetown is an unincorporated community in Stokes County in the U.S. state of North Carolina, a little over a mile south of Prestonville on North Carolina State Highway 772, and about five miles east of the county seat, Danbury.

  • Destroyed in Seconds


    Destroyed in Seconds was a half-hour American television series that aired on Discovery Channel. Hosted by Ron Pitts, it features video segments of various things being destroyed fairly quickly (hence, "in seconds") such as planes crashing, explosions, sinkholes, boats crashing, fires, race car incidents, floods, etc. The nature of the show closely resembles Real TV. The show uses real video of real events, and commentary explaining the destruction portrayed. Most videos have stock sound effects added. Some of the events seen resulted in fatalities (but if so, very few), and all of the events have property damage.

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