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  • Aftermarket replacement Performance Hoods for your Cars ...


    What does a Ram Air Hood do for your car? In most instances, an aftermarket fiberglass hood weighs more then today's modern, aluminum built straight hoods. A Ram Air or Heat Extractor Hood can assist your car in a few more ways then an OEM hood can. An aftermarket Ram Air Hood allows extra air to enter the engine compartment, therefore allowing ...

  • Custom Hoods for Cars & Trucks at CARiD.com


    Custom Hood by Anderson Composites®. Carefully designed to meet stringent quality standards, this premium product guarantees maximum reliability. It is made from lightweight yet rigid material which helps improve aerodynamics, reduce... Designed to comply with strict quality standards Manufactured from high-grade materials. $404.10 - $2,879.10.

  • Hood - Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber Truck & Car Hood | JCWhitney


    Car Hood Buying Guide. Material. Aftermarket car hoods are available in several forms. They are usually available in primered, natural, gelcoat, and black colors/finishes. Here are the most common ones available in the market today. Steel - Steel remains the most common material for car hoods today because it's sturdy, reliable, and lasts for a ...

  • Semi Truck Parts And Truck Hoods | Jones Performance


    Jones Performance specializes in production of aftermarket semi truck hoods. Along with a wide selection of new aftermarket semi truck parts for commercial, medium, and heavy duty trucks. Our goal is to provide top quality heavy duty truck parts to get your truck back on the road without worries. So shop our selection of semi truck body parts ...

  • Hoods at Andy's Auto Sport


    One thing to be aware of as you shop for any hood is that aftermarket hoods are generally either sold as bolt-on hoods or pin-on hoods (aka lift-off hoods). The bolt-on hoods have a skin and a skeleton (a top and a bottom), and opened and closed using the factory latch.

  • Aftermarket Hoods, Mustang Hoods | Cervini's


    90-93 Integra SS Hood. 00-04 Focus Hoods. 99-06 Sierra Ram Air Hood. Colorado/Canyon Hoods. 03-06 Silverado Ram Air Hood. Super Duty Hoods. Challenger Hoods. Expedition Hoods. 00-06 Suburban Ram Air Hood. 00-06 Tahoe Ram Air Hood. 00-06 Yukon Ram Air Hood. 99-05 Excursion Cowl Hood. Tahoe/Suburban Hoods. 88-98 Sierra Ram Air Hood.

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  • Car tuning


    Toyota Mark II.Car tuning is the modification of the performance or appearance of a vehicle. For actual "tuning" in the sense of automobiles or vehicles, see engine tuning. Most vehicles stay the factory set up for an average driver's expectations and conditions. Tuning, on the other hand, has become a way to personalize the characteristics of a vehicle to the owner's preference. Cars may be altered to provide better fuel economy, produce more power, or provide better handling and driving. Car tuning is related to auto racing, although most performance cars never compete. Tuned cars are built for the pleasure of owning and driving. Exterior modifications include changing the aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle via side skirts, front and rear bumpers, spoilers, splitters, air vents and lightweight wheels.

  • Hood ornament


    A hood/bonnet ornament, radiator cap, motor mascot or car mascot is a specially crafted model which symbolizes a car company like a badge, located on the front center portion of the hood. It has been used as an adornment nearly since the inception of automobiles.

  • Hood (car)


    A flipfront provides easy access to the engine bay (Saab Sonett) The hood (North American English) or bonnet (Commonwealth English excluding Canada) is the hinged cover over the engine of motor vehicles that allows access to the engine compartment (or trunk on rear-engine and some mid-engine vehicles) for maintenance and repair. In British terminology, hood refers to a fabric cover over the passenger compartment of the car (known as the 'top' in the US). In many motor vehicles built in the 1930s and 1940s, the resemblance to an actual hood or bonnet is clear when open and viewed head-on; in modern vehicles it continues to serve the same purpose but no longer resembles a head covering. The hood release system is common on most vehicles and usually consists of an interior hood latch handle, hood release cable and hood latch assembly. The hood latch handle is usually located below the steering wheel, beside the driver's seat or set into the door frame. On race cars or cars with aftermarket hoods (that do not use the factory latch system) the hood may be held down by hood pins. A hood may contain a hood ornament, hood scoop, power bulge, and/or wiper jets.

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