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  • Marketing Research Association


    The Marketing Research Association (MRA) was a 501(c)(6) non-profit, membership trade association, incorporated in New York state. Members were companies that specialized in, or had departments that specialized in, market research, consumer opinion and related marketing intelligence. Individuals who were marketing research practitioners could also become members. Located in Washington D.C. the Marketing Research Association was founded in 1957. The MRA's chief product was membership. It was also active in advocating industry positions on legislative and regulatory issues. In January, 2017, the Marketing Research Association merged with CASRO to form the Insights Association.



    CONELRAD Logo, incorporating the shield of United States Civil DefenseCONELRAD (Control of Electromagnetic Radiation) was a method of emergency broadcasting to the public of the United States in the event of enemy attack during the Cold War. It was intended to allow continuous broadcast of civil defense information to the public using radio stations, while rapidly switching the transmitter stations to make the broadcasts unsuitable for Soviet bombers that might attempt to home in on the signals (as was done during World War II, when German radio stations, based in or near cities, were used as beacons by pilots of bombers). U.S. President Harry S. Truman established CONELRAD in 1951. After the development of intercontinental ballistic missiles reduced the likelihood of a bomber attack, CONELRAD was replaced by the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) on August 5, 1963, which was later replaced by the Emergency Alert System (EAS) on January 1, 1997; all have been administered by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Unlike the EBS and EAS, CONELRAD was never intended to be used for local civil emergencies such as severe weather.

  • Wireless Emergency Alerts


    An example of an actual Wireless Emergency Alert on an Android smartphone, indicating a Tornado Warning in the covered area.Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA, formerly known as the Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS), and prior to that as the Personal Localized Alerting Network (PLAN)), is an alerting network in the United States designed to disseminate emergency alerts to mobile devices such as cell phones and pagers. Organizations are able to disseminate and coordinate emergency alerts and warning messages through WEA and other public systems by means of the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System.

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