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  • Blue Valley Creamery Company


    Blue Valley Creamery Company was a company that operated many creameries and milk plants across the United States.

  • Beatrice Foods


    Beatrice Foods Company was a major American food processing company. In 1987, its smaller international food operations were sold to Reginald Lewis, a corporate attorney, creating TLC Beatrice International, after which the majority of its domestic (U.S.) brands and assets were acquired by Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts (KKR), with the bulk of its holdings sold off. By 1990, the remaining operations were ultimately acquired by ConAgra Foods.

  • Separator (milk)


    Manual separator in a Swedish museum. A separator is a centrifugal device that separates milk into cream and skimmed milk. Separation was commonly performed on farms in the past. Most farmers milked a few cows, usually by hand, and separated milk. Some of the skimmed milk was consumed while the rest was used to feed calves and pigs. Enough cream was saved to make butter, and the excess was sold. Today, milk is separated in industrial dairies. Sufficient cream is returned to the skimmed milk before sale.

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