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  • Ormolu


    neoclassical taste, late 18th century (Musée Nissim de Camondo, Paris)Bowl Mounted with Two Fish. Porcelain with glaze monochrome turquoise/light blue and French ormolu mounts. The Walters Art Museum. Patinated and ormolu Empire timepiece representing Mars and Venus, an allegory of the wedding of Napoleon I and Archduchess Marie Louise of Austria in 1810. By the famous bronzier Pierre-Philippe Thomire, c. 1810.Ormolu (from French or moulu, signifying ground or pounded gold) is an English term, used since the 18th century for the gilding technique of applying finely ground, high-carat gold–mercury amalgam to an object of bronze, and for objects finished in this way. The mercury is driven off in a kiln leaving behind a gold coating. The French refer to this technique as "bronze doré"; in English, it is known as "gilt bronze".

  • Paul Martin (TV presenter)


    Paul Martin (born 5 January 1959) is an antiques dealer and professional drummer, best known for being the presenter of various BBC antiques programmes including Flog It!, Trust Me, I'm a Dealer and Paul Martin's Handmade Revolution

  • Eddie Moon


    Eddie Moon is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by David Essex. Eddie is the father of Michael Moon (Steve John Shepherd), Tyler Moon (Tony Discipline) and Anthony Moon (Matt Lapinskas). Along with his children, Eddie was introduced to bring a "new generation" of the Moon family to the programme. Essex began filming in April 2011 and first appeared on screen on 3 June 2011. His initial contract ended in August, and Essex hoped he would be able to return to the role. The character has been described as cheeky, likeable and charismatic, and has a dark past. Through the series' narrative, it is revealed that there is a rift between Michael and Eddie, because Michael blames his father for the death of his mother, who killed herself when Michael was left alone with her. Eddie is also a love interest for Carol Jackson (Lindsey Coulson) and Vanessa Gold (Zöe Lucker). Critics have responded mostly positively to the character, with Jaci Stephen from the Daily Mail calling the casting "inspired" and praising Essex's comic timing in the role.

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