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  • Electronics right to repair


    The right to repair electronics refers to government legislation that is intended to allow consumers the ability to repair and modify their own consumer electronic devices, where otherwise the manufacturer of such devices require the consumer to use only their offered services or void the product's warranty.

  • Visual voicemail


    SimulScribe's SimulSays visual voicemail on the BlackBerry Pearl Demo screenshot of a visual voicemail application as designed by CommunologyVisual voicemail is direct-access voicemail with a visual interface. Such an interface presents a list of messages for playback, as opposed to the sequential listening required using traditional voicemail, and may include a transcript of each message. In 2007, Apple's iPhone was the first cell phone promoting this feature. Since then, several telecommunications companies have integrated a visual element into their voicemail services, such as on Samsung's Instinct and the BlackBerry Storm and Torch. In 2007, YouMail was the first third-party, multi-platform visual voicemail service for mobile phones, storing voicemail in the cloud rather than the mobile carrier's network, and providing access to it through any web browser or by e-mail. In 2009, YouMail was the first to then extend this to also provide this functionality with an app for the BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android platforms, and an API that allowed others to build clients for Windows Phone 7 and WebOS.

  • Edge Games


    Edge Games, Inc. is an American video game developer and publisher headquartered in Pasadena, California, best known for the practices of its founder and chief executive officer, Tim Langdell, in enforcing trademarks relating to the word "edge", which sources have described as "litigious". Langdell has defended these practices, stating that Edge has only sued two companies since the late 1980s. In 2010, Edge Games sued Electronic Arts for trademark infringement, but eventually settled, with Edge surrendering many of its registrations. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) cancelled the trademarks by court order in April 2013.

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