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  • Krystal (restaurant)


    Krystal is an American fast food restaurant chain headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. It is known for its small, square hamburger sliders with steamed-in onions. Krystal moved its corporate headquarters from Chattanooga, Tennessee, where it had been based since 1932, to Atlanta in early 2013.

  • White Castle (restaurant)


    White Castle is an American regional hamburger restaurant chain in the Midwestern United States with additonal locations throughout the New York Metropolitan Area, two locations in Las Vegas, Nevada and a location in Shanghai, China. It has been generally credited as the country's first fast-food chain. It is known for its small, square hamburgers. Sometimes referred to as "sliders", the burgers were initially priced at five cents until 1929 and remained at ten cents until 1949. In the 1940s, White Castle periodically ran promotional ads in local newspapers which contained coupons offering five burgers for ten cents, takeout only. On January 14, 2014, Time labeled the White Castle slider the most influential burger of all time.

  • Panda Express


    A stand-alone Panda Express restaurant in Oakland, California with drive-through window A mall food court Panda Express at the Ala Moana Center in HawaiiPanda Express is a fast casual restaurant chain which serves American Chinese cuisine. With approximately 2,000+ locations, it is the largest Asian segment restaurant chain in the United States, where it was founded and is mainly located (in addition to other countries and territories in North America and Asia). Panda Express restaurants were traditionally located in shopping mall food courts, but the chain now operates units in many other environments and formats, including stand-alone restaurants, as well as universities, casinos, airports, military bases, amusement parks and other venues. Panda Express has over 2,000 restaurants, located in 49 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates. A typical Panda Express meal: Kung Pao chicken, orange chicken, chow mein and steamed vegetables The chain offers a variety of Chinese-cuisine-inspired dishes (e.g.

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