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  • Government Surplus, Military Surplus & Humvees for Sale ...


    Buy construction equipment, Humvees, trucks, uniforms & field gear, home & office goods, medical equipment, unclaimed property & more. All sales open to the public.

  • Surplus Military Trucks Sale (6x6, ex, & tanks for sale ...


    Surplus Military Trucks Sale – chevy military trucks for sale. Because it doesn’t look to be an escape window, it’s imperative that you label it as such and train the whole family on the way to use it correctly. There are a couple essential things you want to learn about emergency escape windows for recreational vehicles.

  • Boyce Equipment | Military Trucks | Utah


    These late "M" series trucks, with 4 to 6 wheel drive, are military trucks which we offer for sale at a fraction of new truck cost. Trucks are reconditioned in our modern shops under the most exacting standards and controls to give like new truck performance. Boyce Equipment & Parts Co. is one of the largest re-builders of surplus military ...

  • Military Vehicles For Sale » Military Surplus


    1990 M923A2 BMY MILITARY CARGO TRUCK For Sale : $1025.00; Humvee m998 hummer h1 X Door Hmmwv For Sale : $3000.00 ... detonated-explosives eight-army granted-state Hmmwv Hummer H1 Humvee Lahore Love M35 M37 M677 M818 Machine Gun Marine Marines mexico Military Military Surplus Military Truck Military Trucks Military Vehicle Military Vehicle Parts ...

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    M35-328 | Collapsible Steel Enclosure for 2 1/2 Ton Truck Cargo Bed Collapsible Steel Enclosure for 2 1/2 Ton Truck Cargo Bed Fits standard 12 foot cargo body on M35, M35A1, M35A2, M35A3, 2 ½ Ton Trucks. ... Surplus military vehicles will help if Cranford floods. Eastern Surplus provides highly customized trucks for the Six Flags - Safari Off ...

  • Military 6x6 Trucks For Sale, Parts and Generators ...


    Ex-Military Vehicles, Equipment and Parts. Oshkosh Equipment Sales is your Leading Supplier of Military Vehicles, 6x6 Trucks, Rough Terrain Forklifts, Generators and other Extreme and Heavy Duty Equipment. We specialize in supplying unmatched-quality re-conditioned equipment to fit your needs.

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  • Military surplus


    A military surplus shop in Haikou City, Hainan Province, China Military surplus trucksMilitary surplus are goods, usually matériel, that are sold or otherwise disposed of when no longer needed by the military. Entrepreneurs often buy these goods and resell them at surplus stores. Usually the goods sold by the military are clothing, equipment, and tools of a nature that is generally useful to the civilian population, as well as embroidered patches, name tags, and other items that can be used for a faux military uniform. Occasionally, vehicles (jeeps, trucks, etc.) will be sold as well. Some military surplus dealers also sell military surplus firearms, spare parts, and ammunition alongside surplus uniforms and equipment. Demand for such items comes from various collectors, survivalists, and players of airsoft and paintball, as well as those seeking high quality, sturdy, military issue garb. The goods may be used, or not. Some merchants of surplus goods also sell goods that are privately manufactured in military standards.

  • Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle


    Unloading a LSSV Silverado & trailer, Yokota Air Base, Japan The Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle or CUCV/LSSV (CUCV ) is a vehicle program instituted to provide the United States military with light utility vehicles based on civilian trucks.

  • Humvee


    The High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV; colloquial: Humvee) is a family of light, four-wheel drive, military trucks and utility vehicles produced by AM General. It has largely supplanted the roles previously performed by the original jeep, and others such as the Vietnam War-era M151 jeep, the M561 "Gama Goat", their M718A1 and M792 ambulance versions, the Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle (CUCV), and other light trucks. Primarily used by the United States military, it is also used by numerous other countries and organizations and even in civilian adaptations. The Humvee saw widespread use in the Gulf War of 1991, where it negotiated the treacherous desert terrain; this usage helped to inspire civilian Hummer versions. After going through a replacement process, the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) was chosen as its successor.

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