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  • Grey market


    A grey or gray market (sometimes confused with the similar term parallel market) refers to the trade of a commodity through distribution channels that are legal but unintended by the original manufacturer or trade mark proprietor. Grey market products (grey goods) are products sold by a manufacturer or their authorized agent outside the terms of the agreement between the reseller and the manufacturer.

  • Wanxiang


    Wanxiang Group Corporation () is a Chinese multinational automotive components manufacturing company headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China. It is the largest China-based automotive components company measured by revenues.

  • Western Auto


    A sign for a Western Auto Associate Store in Minden, Louisiana. Remaining Western Auto store, Newport, Tennessee.Western Auto Supply Company—known more widely as Western Auto—was a specialty retail chain of stores that supplied automobile parts and accessories. It operated approximately 1200 stores across the United States and in Puerto Rico. It was started in 1909 in Kansas City, Missouri, by George Pepperdine and Don Abnor Davis. Pepperdine later founded Pepperdine University. Western Auto was bought by Beneficial Corporation in 1961; Western Auto's management led a leveraged buyout in 1985, leading three years later to a sale to Sears. Sears sold most of the company to Advance Auto Parts in 1998, and by 2003, the resulting merger had led to the end of the Western Auto brand and its product distribution network.

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