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  • Flour sack


    The flour-weighing machine stands in front of the large beam-weigher and weighs two large bags of flour. In addition to the support of the scale, there are further large flour sacks with trademarks. About 1551. A flour sack or flour bag is a cloth sack, usually made of cheap cotton, used to store flour. Flour sacks are often printed with simple designs and trademarks to indicate the millers and companies making or selling the flour.

  • February 2006


  • Kars4Kids


    Kars4Kids is a non-profit car donation organization based in Lakewood, New Jersey which donates most of its proceeds to Oorah, an organization whose mission is to support programs which promote an Orthodox Jewish lifestyle. Kars4Kids is a United States based 501(C)3 non-profit organization. It is a gold level participant in GuideStar's information exchange, however, it receives Charity Navigator's "poor" rating of one out of a possible four stars. It was founded in 1994 by Rabbi Chaim Mintz, and is currently headed by Eliyohu Mintz. There is no full explanation on Kars4Kids' web site, literature, or magazine (they call it a blog, https://kars4kids.wordpress.com) about what they do with the donated cars — pieces of junk, "does not need to be running", cars that are unsalable, at least nearby. The cars in most cases have major mechanical problems, like no brakes or radiator, and it usually does not make economic sense to repair them, they are "not worth repairing". What is on the Kars4Kids web site is a statement of their willingness to accept cars with water or hurricane damage.

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