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    Walk-behind beach cleaner Tractor Attached Beach Cleaner Raking beach cleaner A tractor-pulled beach cleaner at Hietaniemi beach in Helsinki, Finland. A sand cleaning machine, beach cleaner, or (colloquially) sandboni is a vehicle that drags a raking or sifting device over beach sand to remove rubbish and other foreign matter. They are manually self-pulled vehicles on tracks or wheels or pulled by quad-bike or tractor. Seaside cities use beach cleaning machines to combat the problems of litter left by beach patrons and other pollution washed up on their shores. A chief task in beach cleaning strategies is finding the best way to handle waste matter on the beaches, taking into consideration beach erosion and changing terrain. Beach cleaning machines work by collecting sand by way of a scoop or drag mechanism and then raking or sifting anything large enough to be considered foreign matter, including sticks, stones, litter and other items. Similar applications include lake beaches, sandfields for beach volleyball and kindergarten and playing field sandpits. The word "sandboni" is a back-formation referencing the ice-surfacing machine Zamboni.

  • H. Barber and Sons


    Barber Surf Rake in East HamptonH. Barber & Sons is a privately owned Naugatuck, Connecticut-based company that has sold more beach cleaning equipment than any other company in the world. Its rakes are used on six continents and in over 90 countries. The company was founded by Harold S. Barber in the 1960s after he invented the SURF RAKE Model 500 for grooming sand beaches. Barber now offers three models of SURF RAKE beach cleaners and two smaller sand-sifting units, the SAND MAN 850 and TT. Barber sand cleaners pick up debris including litter, seaweed and even oil tar balls and then level and give consistency to the groomed area. The flagship of the company and largest rake is the Barber Surf Rake Model 600HD—up to nine (9) acres an hour with a seven (7) foot wide cleaning path. Barber Rakes have also been expanded to include a Turf Rake to remove stones from soil and a Road Rake for remove debris from roads and highways. The larger rakes are pulled behind tractors or pick up trucks, although the Barber Sand Man is a smaller self-propelled walk behind device that is used in golf course sand traps and playgrounds.

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