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  • Helena Rubinstein


    Helena Rubinstein (born Chaja Rubinstein; December 25, 1872 – April 1, 1965) was a Polish-American businesswoman, art collector, and philanthropist. A cosmetics entrepreneur, and was the founder and eponym of Helena Rubinstein Incorporated cosmetics company, which made her one of the world's richest women.

  • Manners Mansions


    Manners Mansions was designed by the architectural firm of Emley and Williamson for African City Property Trust and was built in 1937-1939. The building is situated on stand 5198, at the corner of Jeppe and Joubert Streets in Johannesburg. Manners Mansions is named after Sir George Espec John Manners.

  • Cynthia (Gaba girl)


    "Cynthia" was a mannequin created in 1932 by Lester Gaba, a sculptor, retail display designer and later a teacher and writer. An unusually natural and human looking mannequin, Gaba used the attention Cynthia garnered to further anthropomorphize her. As a result, Gaba and Cynthia became famous, with Gaba becoming known for his mannequins, and with Cynthia appearing on a cover of Life Magazine, and being invited to the wedding of the former Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson in 1937. Gaba's development of lighter weight mannequins, with more natural, human features, along with Cynthia's popularity impacted the use of mannequins in retail sales marketing.

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