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  • Hanover Lodge


    Hanover Lodge, Regent's Park, London Hanover Lodge in 1828 Blue plaqueHanover Lodge is a Grade II* listed house at 150 Park Road, London NW1, overlooking Regent's Park. It was designed by the architect John Nash, and built for General Sir Robert Arbuthnot. Since then, it has been home to several notable people, was part of Bedford College, and the residence of the French ambassador, before the businessman and Conservative peer Lord Bagri purchased a 150-year lease from the Crown Estate in 1994. The Russian billionaire Andrey Goncharenko purchased the outstanding lease from Lord Bagri in 2012 for £120 million.

  • Julie Cooper (EastEnders)


    Julie Cooper is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera, EastEnders, played by Louise Plowright from 1989–1990. The character was one of Mike Gibbon's introductions, but she was axed in 1990 at the start of Michael Ferguson's reign as executive producer. Julie is portrayed as a bubbly, big haired Salford girl, who has a hungry appetite for men.

  • The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon


    The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon is the fourteenth mystery novel by Alexander McCall Smith in The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series, first published in 2013. The novel features the Motswana protagonist Precious Ramotswe and is set in Botswana. Mma Ramotswe has two cases on hand, one to verify the identity of a boy as the heir to a large farm and the other to stop the smear campaign against the owner of the Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon, as it has stopped all customers from coming to her shop. Grace Makutsi is pregnant, but does not bring up the fact until late in her pregnancy, nor does she ever bring up the plan for her maternity leave. This gives Mma Ramotswe much to consider while her secretary and assistant is away with the baby. Mr JLB Matekoni contemplates whether he is a modern husband. This novel drew a range of reactions from reviewers. Some viewed it positively, termed it "endearing", and considered the novel to have its strength in the characters and their love of Africa, rather than the deductions needed to solve the mysteries.

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