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  • Car seat


    Front bucket seats in a BMW Alpina A car seat is the seat used in automobiles. Most car seats are made from inexpensive but durable material in order to withstand prolonged use. The most common material is polyester.

  • Bucket seat


    Bucket seats in a 2-seat 1972 MG MGB roadster A bucket seat is a car seat contoured to hold one person, distinct from a flat bench seat designed to fit multiple people. In its simplest form it is a rounded seat for one person with high sides, but may have curved sides that partially enclose and support the body in high-performance automobiles. Bucket seats first appeared after World War II, making their debut in small European cars with floor-mounted shifter and parking brake lever. They are typically standard in front in fast cars to keep drivers and other passengers in place when turning at speed. Rear "bucket seats" are typically hybrids of bench and true bucket seats, being contoured generally like the latter but fixed in place, even when divided by a center console, and thus lacking a free-standing bucket seat's front-rear and backrest angle adjustability.

  • List of auto parts


    This is a list of automotive parts mostly for vehicles using internal combustion engines which are manufactured components of automobiles:

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