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  • Mohamed Rela


    Mohamed Rela, is an Indian surgeon known for his expertise on liver transplantation and hepatopancreatobiliary (HPB) surgery. He is considered the world's best liver transplant surgeon from the King's College Hospital, London. He made his name in the Guinness Book of Records for performing a Liver Transplantation on a 5 day old baby. Prof. Mohamed Rela is the Chairman and Director of Dr Rela institute and medical centre , India and the Professor of Liver Surgery and Transplantation, King's College Hospital, London.

  • Shiv Kumar Sarin


    Shiv Kumar Sarin (born 1952) is an Indian gastroenterologist, hepatologist, medical researcher and writer and a former chairman of the Board of Governors of the Medical Council of India. He is the director of Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences (ILBS), the first dedicated institution for advanced research on liver diseases and a deemed university under G. B. Pant Hospital, New Delhi. His contributions are reported behind the founding of the School of Hepatology of the Asian Pacific Association for study of Liver (APASL), which is housed at ILBS campus. He is a recipient of the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize, the highest Indian award in the science category. The Government of India awarded him the third highest civilian honour of the Padma Bhushan, in 2007, for his contributions to Indian medicine.

  • Philip Augustine


    Philip Augustine, an Indian gastroenterologist, specialist in gastrointestinal endoscopy and a hospital administrator from Ernakulam, Kerala. He founded the Lakeshore Hospital and Research Centre in 2003, one of the largest multispeciality hospitals in south India. The Government of India honoured him with the civilian award, Padma Shri, in 2010, for his services to the fields of medicine.

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