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  • Cycling shorts


    Racing cyclists wearing cycling shorts.Cycling shorts (also known as bike shorts, bicycling shorts, chamois, knicks, or spats) are short, skin-tight legwear designed to improve comfort and efficiency while cycling. They: reduce wind resistance, increasing aerodynamic efficiency; protect the skin against the repetitive friction of the legs against the bicycle seat or frame; provide support to the genitals, analogously to a jock strap; draw sweat away from the skin to prevent chafing and rashes, and to cool the rider down through the process of evaporation; compress the legs, which can help combat muscular fatigue; not get caught up in the bike chain or other parts of the bike; reduce the weight of a rider's clothing (compared to wearing denim, gym shorts or baggy shorts); and improve comfort during long rides with extra padding in the seat area called cycling pad.Historically, cycling shorts were made of knit black wool, which hides wear marks caused by sitting on an oiled leather saddle for extended periods of time, with a chamois leather padding inside the shorts in the crotch area, which reduces chafing from the bicycle saddle.

  • Ultra-distance cycling


    The definition of ultra-distance cycling is far more vague than in ultra running (any race longer than a marathon) or in ultra-triathlon (any race longer than an Ironman Triathlon). Any bike race longer than a century ride, which is , is sometimes considered to be ultra-distance cycling. However, such events are relatively common, so using a longer distance to define the category is more useful, such as any race that is longer than , or even a double century, . Bike races that cover these distances but which are split into stages do not fit most definitions of ultra-distance races - the clock needs to run continuously from start to finish. Even so, extra-long stages within a longer race may be long enough to be an ultra-distance race by themselves. In addition, any team events in which individual cyclists do not complete the full distance are not considered to be ultra-distance. Bike races that can be described as ultra-distance are organized below according to the type or format of the race.

  • Utility cycling


    Cycling in Amsterdam Bike riders in Beijing Mangoes for sale loaded on a bicycle in Guntur, IndiaUtility cycling encompasses any cycling done simply as a means of transport rather than as a sport or leisure activity. It is the original and most common type of cycling in the world.

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