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  • Blimp Passenger Guide | Goodyear Blimp


    Passenger Guide. Only one person at a time is permitted on the ladder. Goodyear reserves the right to refuse entry on our new-style airship (NT) to any guest exceeding the manufacturer’s ladder weight limit of 300 pounds. All guests' weight will be verified for compliance with this requirement prior to flight.

  • Goodyear Blimp Tour (Pompano Beach) - 2019 All You Need to ...


    Goodyear Blimp Tour, Pompano Beach: Address, Phone Number, Goodyear Blimp Tour Reviews: 4.5/5. United States ... a terrible time finding a phone number or address for the Goodyear Blimp tour.The website mentions an opportunity to ride the blimp as a passenger, but nothing about the tours. Nowhere on the website does it list a phone number or ...

  • Goodyear Blimp | Home


    This is the center of all Goodyear Blimp operations. You never know what you'll discover. This is the center of all Goodyear Blimp operations. You never know what you'll discover. This is the center of all Goodyear Blimp operations. Feel free to explore the office by clicking on the objects throughout the room. You never know what you'll discover.

  • AIRSHIPS – Cameron Balloons US


    AIRSHIPS. Cameron Balloons invented the hot-air airship in 1972, and the latest generation of these eye-catching promotional craft incorporates further enhancements including a new engine, ergonomic improvements to the passenger cabin, and increased fuel system flexibility. Hot-air airships costs less than 5% of the price...

  • Zeppelin Rides in Germany | Airships.net


    The Zeppelin NT is a 246-foot long semi-rigid airship which can accommodate two pilots and up to 12 passengers in a gondola equipped with large sightseeing windows. The airship is inflated with safe, non-flammable helium and usually cruises at an altitude of about 1,000 feet/300 meters, at a speed of approximately 35-40 mph, or 60-70 km/h.

  • Airship Rides in San Francisco (UPDATE: AIRSHIP VENTURES ...


    The Airship Ventures zeppelin made its maiden flight on May 21, 2008, and now offers airship rides to the public in the San Francisco area. The airship Eureka has been used to promote the Disney/Pixar film “UP” and the personal genetics company 23andMe, and the ship was recently re-decaled to advertise Farmers Insurance.

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  • Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland


    Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland (released in Japan as simply and credited in some territories as Little Nemo) is a 1989 Japanese-American animated musical adventure fantasy film directed by Masami Hata and William Hurtz. Based on the comic strip Little Nemo in Slumberland by Winsor McCay, the film went through a lengthy development process with a number of screenwriters. Ultimately, the screenplay was credited to Chris Columbus and Richard Outten; the storyline and art style differed from the original version. The original soundtrack was penned by the Academy Award-winning Sherman Brothers. A box office bomb in its original Japanese release, the film suffered additional commercial failure when released in the United States, where 11 minutes of material was removed in order to secure a family-friendly G rating from the Motion Picture Association of America.

  • The Outlaw


    The OutlawThe Outlaw is a 1943 American Western film, directed by Howard Hughes and starring Jack Buetel, Jane Russell, Thomas Mitchell, and Walter Huston. Hughes also produced the film, while Howard Hawks served as an uncredited co-director. The film is notable as Russell's breakthrough role, turning the young actress into a sex symbol and a Hollywood icon. Later advertising billed Russell as the sole star.

  • List of Spider-Man enemies in other media


    Picture of the original Sinister Six in the series, a group consisting of Spider-Man villains in The Spectacular Spider-Man Spider-Man has had much media attention due to his popularity as a superhero, as have his villains. Here is a list of his primary villains that have undergone media attention such as in films, televisions, and video games.

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