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  • Honda CT90


    the 1972 trail 90 was the last year without factory installed turn signals A 1968 Honda CT90 A 1976 Honda CT90 The Honda CT90 was a small step-through motorcycle manufactured by Honda from 1966 to 1979. It was offered in two models: Trail or X with the main variations being gear ratios and tyre style.

  • Thunderbirds (TV series)


    Thunderbirds is a British science-fiction television series created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, filmed by their production company AP Films (APF) and distributed by ITC Entertainment. It was produced between 1964 and 1966 using a form of electronic marionette puppetry (dubbed "Supermarionation") combined with scale model special effects sequences. Two series were filmed, comprising a total of thirty-two 50-minute episodes; production ceased following the completion of the second series' sixth episode when Lew Grade, the Andersons' financial backer, failed in his efforts to sell the programme to American network television. Set in the mid-2060s, Thunderbirds is a follow-up to the earlier Supermarionation productions Four Feather Falls, Supercar, Fireball XL5 and Stingray. It follows the exploits of International Rescue (IR), a life-saving organisation equipped with technologically-advanced land, sea, air and space rescue craft; these are headed by a fleet of five vehicles named the Thunderbirds and launched from IR's secret base in the Pacific Ocean. The main characters are ex-astronaut Jeff Tracy, the founder of IR, and his five adult sons, who pilot the Thunderbird machines.

  • Car controls


    In the Ford Model T, the standing pedals control the two forward gears (left pedal), reverse (center pedal), and the brake (right pedal). The steering-column levers control ignition timing (left) and the throttle (right). The large hand-levers set the rear-wheel parking brake and put the transmission in neutral (left) and control an after-market 2-speed transmission adapter (right).Car controls are the components in automobiles and other powered road vehicles, such as trucks and buses, used for driving and parking. While controls like steering wheels and pedals have existed since the invention of cars, other controls have developed and adapted to the demands of drivers. For example, manual transmissions became less common as technology relating to semi-automatic and automatic transmissions advanced. Earlier versions of headlights and signal lights were fueled by acetylene or oil. Acetylene was preferred to oil, because its flame is resistant to both wind and rain. Acetylene headlights were popular until 1898, when the first electric headlights were introduced.

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