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  • Volkswagen D24 engine


    The Volkswagen D24 engine is a 2.4-litre inline-six-cylinder (R6/I6), naturally aspirated diesel engine, formerly manufactured by Volvo Group from 1978 to 1995. Subsequent forced induction variants of this engine were also available as the Volkswagen D24T engine with a turbocharger, and a turbo intercooled version, the Volkswagen D24TIC engine. These turbocharged variants resulted in higher power and torque outputs.

  • Cummins B Series engine


    The Cummins B Series is a family of American straight-four and straight-6 diesel piston engines that are manufactured by Cummins. This particular family, or Series, is one of the most prolific offerings for On-Highway, Automotive purposes from Cummins, and is widely used for the Off-Highway Markets it serves such as Construction, Mining, Agriculture, Marine and Industrial sectors to name a few. The B Series is known for the popular B Series Cummins engines. The engine was originally designed by Cummins and Case Corporation for construction machinery applications, and gained much of its popularity after appearing in the Dodge Ram, in 1989. 6.7 Demo 6.7 Euro 4 / 4+

  • Mercedes-Benz OM602 engine


    The successor of the OM617 engine family was the newly developed straight-5 diesel automobile engine OM602 from Mercedes-Benz used from 1980s up to 2002. With some Mercedes-Benz 250D/E250D diesels exceeding 500,000 or 1,000,000 miles, it is considered to be one of the most reliable engines ever produced, a success which is only comparable with the famous OM617 engine. The 5-cylinder OM602 was succeeded by the four-valve engine OM605 (E250D 20V) and later the OM612 and OM647 with turbocharger and common rail direct injection (C/E/ML 270CDI).

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