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  • Olympia Brewing Company


    The old Tumwater brewery building in 2012The Olympia Brewing Company was a brewery in the northwest United States, located in Tumwater, Washington, near Olympia. Founded in 1896 by Leopold Friederich Schmidt, it was bought by G. Heileman Brewing Company in 1983. Through a series of consolidations, it was acquired by Pabst Brewing Company in 1999; the Tumwater brewery was closed in 2003. The Olympia brand continues, currently contract brewed by MillerCoors in southern California.

  • One red paperclip


    The paperclip that Kyle MacDonald traded for a houseOne red paperclip is a website created by Canadian blogger Kyle MacDonald, who bartered his way from a single red paperclip to a house in a series of fourteen online trades over the course of a year. MacDonald was inspired by the childhood game Bigger, Better. His site received a considerable amount of notice for tracking the transactions. "A lot of people have been asking how I've stirred up so much publicity around the project, and my simple answer is: 'I have no idea, he told the BBC.

  • Neon-sign transformer


    An iron cored neon-sign transformer, with a 9-volt battery for scale. A neon-sign transformer (NST) is a transformer made for the purpose of powering a neon sign. They convert line voltage from the 120-347 V up to high voltages, in the range of 2 to 15 kV. These transformers supply between 18-30 mA; 60 mA on special order( ) A more general designation would be "luminous tube transformer", because many other gases are used in luminous gas discharge tubes.

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