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  • Public light bus


    Robinson Road in the Mid-levels of Hong Kong The public light bus or minibus is a public transport service in Hong Kong. It uses minibuses to serve areas that standard Hong Kong bus lines cannot reach efficiently. The vehicles are colloquially known by the code-switch ' (Van Jái). Minibuses carry a maximum of 19 seated passengers; no standing passengers are allowed. Minibuses typically offer a faster and more efficient transportation solution due to their small size, limited carrying capacity, frequency and diverse range of routes, although they are generally slightly more expensive than standard buses. The popularity of minibus services in Hong Kong can be attributed to its high population density.

  • Stagecoach Manchester


    Stagecoach Manchester is a bus operator in Greater Manchester, England. It is the largest UK bus subsidiary of Stagecoach Group, carrying 98 million passengers in 2012.

  • Dart Buses


    A Leyland Lynx of Dart Buses in Paisley a month before the company's closureDart Buses were an independent bus operator in the Paisley and Renfrewshire area in the 1990s. The company is attributed with starting a bus war with the main operator of the area, Clydeside Scottish. Bus wars were common following bus deregulation, and the Paisley area was no stranger to fierce competition; however Dart Buses predominantly operated along routes of large operators and were more successful and subsequently grew much larger than other independents. The company collapsed in 2001.

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