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  • Sterling Trucks


    Sterling Trucks Corporation (commonly designated Sterling) is a former American truck manufacturer of Class 5-8 trucks. Taking on its name from a defunct American truck manufacturer, Sterling was formed in 1997 as Freightliner acquired the rights to the heavy-truck product lines of Ford Motor Company. Sterling-brand trucks were sold in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand. Headquartered in Redford Township, Michigan (Detroit), Sterling assembled its conventional-cab vehicles in St. Thomas, Ontario. During 2009, Freightliner phased out its Sterling subsidiary.

  • Box truck


    A box truck — also known as a cube truck, cube van, rolling toaster or box van — is a chassis cab truck with an enclosed cuboid-shaped cargo area. On most box trucks, the cabin is separate to the cargo area, however some box trucks have a door between the cabin and the cargo area. The difference between a box truck and a van is that the cargo van is a one-piece (unibody), while a box truck is created by adding a cargo box to a chassis cab.

  • Chassis cab


    Chevrolet Silverado chassis cab A chassis cab or cab chassis is a body style, and type of vehicle construction, often found in medium duty truck commercial vehicles. Instead of supplying the customer with a factory pre-assembled flatbed, cargo container, or other equipment—the customer is given the vehicle with just "chassis" rails and a "cab". This allows the customer to assemble any desired aftermarket equipment—for instance, fire apparatus, an ambulance, towing equipment or a recreational vehicle conversion package—which can be customized for the specific needs of the customer. Cab chassis must be distinguished from Cutaway van chassis. Cutaway van chassis have specific components at the rear whereas chassis cabs usually do not have additional components. Aftermarket equippers, including coachbuilders, often make their own packages that can be ordered for the truck. Examples of such vehicles include 2017 Ford Super Duty and GMC's Sierra 3500HD.

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