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  • Vanderhall Motor Works


    Vanderhall Motor Works is an American Vehicle Manufacturer based in Provo, Utah. It manufactures hand-made three-wheeled autocycles designed for sports driving, touring, commuting and city driving.

  • FrontRunner


    FrontRunner is a commuter rail train operated by the Utah Transit Authority that operates along the Wasatch Front in north-central Utah with service from Ogden in central Weber County through Davis County, Salt Lake City, and Salt Lake County to Provo in central Utah County.

  • Utah Highway Patrol


    Utah Highway Patrol vehicle The Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) is the functional equivalent of state police for the State of Utah in the United States. Its sworn members, known as Troopers, are certified law enforcement officers and have statewide jurisdiction. It was created to "patrol or police the highways within this state of Utah and to enforce the state statutes as required."

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