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    A panel van — also known as a car-derived van (United Kingdom) or sedan delivery (United States) — is a cargo vehicle based on a passenger car chassis, and typically has one row of seats and no side windows at the rear. Panel vans are smaller than panel trucks and cargo vans, both of which are built on a truck chassis. The evolution of the panel van design is largely dependant on the passenger car upon which it is based, which historically has varied between regions. In North America, the panel van was initially based upon the two-door station wagon models. In Europe, panel vans are typically smaller vehicles than in other regions and are built on either a bespoke chassis or the chassis of a subcompact car. In Australia, panel vans were a development of the ute (a small pickup truck based on a passenger car chassis, e.g. Chevrolet El Camino), often using the longer wheelbase of the station wagon chassis.

  • File:2008 Ford E-250 (Econoline) Cargo Van 4.6L front 1.23.19.jpg


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