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  • Edison Assembly


    Edison Assembly, also known as Metuchen Assembly, was a Ford Motor Company manufacturing plant in Edison, New Jersey. It was located at 939 U.S. Route 1 and occupied over 100 acres when it was open. The factory began operations in 1948 and was closed in 2004. Several popular Ford products were manufactured there, such as the Ford Mustang, Ford Ranger, and the Ford Pinto. When the plant opened, it manufactured the new Mercury branded and Lincoln vehicles. It was one of three Ford manufacturing facilities in New Jersey and was built two years before the Mahwah Assembly plant was opened in 1950. The plant produced 6.9 million vehicles in total; switching to compact car assembly in the 1960s, it built the Ford Falcon and Mustang and the related Mercury Comet, and then to subcompact cars in 1972 with the Ford Pinto and Mercury Bobcat and later their Escort and Lynx successors. Production shifted to Ranger pickups in 1990, and produced 1.7 million Rangers along with the related Mazda B-Series. It was one of only three locations where Ford manufactured the Mustang; the other sites were Dearborn Assembly and Milpitas Assembly in San Jose, California.

  • Pressed Steel Car Company


    On January 13, 1899 the Pressed Steel Car Company was incorporated in New Jersey with an authorized capitalization of $25 million, for the stated purpose of “manufacturing passenger, freight and street railway cars and to make trucks, wheels, and other parts of cars”.

  • PATCO Speedline


    The PATCO Speedline (also known colloquially as the PATCO High Speed Line, Lindenwold High Speed Line, or simply PATCO) is a rapid transit system operated by the Port Authority Transit Corporation, which runs between Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Camden County, New Jersey. The Speedline runs underground in Philadelphia, crosses the Delaware River on the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, runs underground in Camden, then runs above ground in New Jersey until the east end of the line. The Port Authority Transit Corporation and the Speedline are owned and operated by the Delaware River Port Authority. The line transports over 38,000 people daily. In 2012, ridership reached a ten-year high, with the system having carried 10,612,897 passengers, but dipped to 10,007,256 in 2014. Speedline operation began on February 15, 1969, with the first trip from Lindenwold, New Jersey, to Center City, Philadelphia. The Speedline operates 24 hours a day, one of only six U.S. rapid transit systems to do so (the others being the New York City Subway, Staten Island Railway, PATH, the Red and Blue Lines of the Chicago "L" and the Green Line of the Minnesota METRO Transit).

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