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  • List of water sports


    File:Water sports composite.jpg|350px|thumb|A variety of water sports rect 10 2 0444 560 Diving rect 4 1 966 635 Diving rect 0 643 969 1247 Synchronized swimming rect 0 1248 970 1982 Yacht racing rect 967 1346 2145 1987 Dragon boat racing rect 2143 1347 3062 1987 Kayaking rect 969 0 2044 644 Surfing rect 969 643 2051 1346 Swimming rect 2047 652 3062 1347 Rowing rect 2044 0 3062 650 Water polo desc bottom-right There are a large number of sports that involve water. The following is a list of water sports categorized by how the sport is played in relation to the location of the water. These range from activities involving a single person such as scuba diving and swimming, to team sports such as boat racing and underwater football.

  • Jet ski fishing


    Jet Ski Fishing is the practice of rigging a personal watercraft with fishing rods and accessories in order to travel to an area for fishing. Jet ski fishing is one of the fastest growing categories in the personal watercraft and fishing industries. There are four types of fishing rigs for jet ski fishing: JETWINGS Fishing pontoons:Pontoons(manufactured from fibre glass) that is attached to any jetski or PWC,adding stability you jetski as it's always in the water.There is ample storage space to organize your jetski. Jetwings has live well, luna tubes,bait boards,trolling rod holders,storage rod holders .It has built in buoyancy witch make it impossible for the jetski to sink PWC Bracket System: The safest and easiest method, this consists for a bracket coming out of the ski hook at the back of the Jet Ski typically just under the seat and above the transom. Another bracket is installed on the steering column. This method is clean, as in there is no damage to the machine, it is easy and fast to install and is the most economical of the three systems.

  • Personal watercraft


    A Honda Aquatrax in a museum in Japan A personal watercraft (PWC), also called water scooter, jetski, and comically a boatercycle, is a recreational watercraft that the rider sits or stands on, rather than inside of, as in a boat. PWCs have two style categories, first and most popular being a runabout or "sit down" where the rider uses the watercraft mainly sitting down, and the watercraft typically holds two or more people. The second style is a "stand-up", where the rider uses the watercraft standing up. The stand-up styles are built for one rider and are used more for doing tricks, racing, and use in competitions. Both styles have an inboard engine driving a pump-jet that has a screw-shaped impeller to create thrust for propulsion and steering. Most are designed for two or three people, though four-passenger models exist. Many of today's models are built for more extended use and have the fuel capacity to make long cruises, in some cases even beyond 100 miles.

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