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  • Happy Socks


    Happy Socks, Neal Street, Covent Garden, LondonHappy Socks is a Swedish manufacturer and retailer of socks and underwear. The company was founded in 2008, and their socks are sold in 90 countries. According to the London Evening Standard, their "bold, colourful designs tread precariously close to garish". Happy Socks has 22 stores outside of Sweden, in the US, UK, Spain, Japan, South Korea, India, and Taiwan. In January 2017, Palamon Capital Partners acquired a majority share in Happy Socks, valuing the company at US$85.4 million. Happy Socks often collaborate with various artists around the world to produce limited edition colorful socks. Previous collaborations include Iris Apfel, London artist Bip Ling, and illustrators AAT Brothers among others. They collaborated with the Beatles to celebrate the Yellow Submarine 50th Anniversary.

  • Clothing fetish


    PVC shorts and topClothing fetishism or garment fetishism is a sexual fetish that revolves around a fixation upon a particular article or type of clothing, a collection of garments that appear as part of a fashion or uniform, or a person dressed in such a garment. The clinical definition of a sexual fetish would require that a person be fixated on a specific garment to the extent that it exists as a recurrent (or exclusive) stimulus for sexual gratification. One who exhibits a clothing fetish may be aroused by the sight of a person wearing a particular garment, or by wearing the garment oneself which can be because of the look one achieves by wearing it or the way it feels while it is being worn (and might also get some arousal by seeing somebody in it and imagining how it feels). In later case arousal may originate from the way its fabric feels (see clothing fetish by fabric type) or from the way the garment feels and functions as whole (restrictive clothing being an example). Others with a clothing fetish may be aroused by the sight of such garments, even without wearing them and in the absence of other person wearing them, and may also derive pleasure from collecting them.

  • Sock


    knitted sock Argyle socks A sock is an item of clothing worn on the feet and often covering the ankle or some part of the calf. Some type of shoe or boot is typically worn over socks. In ancient times, socks were made from leather or matted animal hair. In the late 16th century, machine-knit socks were first produced. Until 1800 both hand knitting and machine knitting were used to produce socks, but after 1800, machine knitting became the predominant method. One of the roles of socks is absorbing perspiration. The foot is among the heaviest producers of sweat in the body, as it can produce over of perspiration per day; socks help to absorb this sweat and draw it to areas where air can evaporate the perspiration. In cold environments, socks made from wool insulate the foot and decrease the risk of frostbite. Socks are worn with sport shoes (typically white-coloured socks) and dress shoes (typically dark-coloured socks). In addition to the numerous practical roles played by socks, they are also a fashion item, and they are available in myriad colours and patterns. Striped, hand knit socks

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