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  • Avon Rubber


    Avon Rubber p.l.c. is a British company that specialises in the engineering and manufacturing of respiratory protection equipment for military, law enforcement and fire personnel as well as milking equipment for dairy farmers. Its corporate headquarters are located south of Melksham in Wiltshire, England, at the Hampton Park West development. It has other manufacturing sites in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin; Cadillac, Michigan and Albinea, Italy. In 1933, the company became publicly listed on the London Stock Exchange, it is now a constituent of the FTSE SmallCap Index.

  • CooperVision


    CooperVision in OntarioCooperVision, Inc. is a business unit of The Cooper Companies, Inc.. It is a soft contact lens manufacturer. The company was founded in 1980, and it is headquartered in Pleasanton, CA. Its products are sold in over 100 countries. CooperVision manufactures in Juana Díaz, Puerto Rico; Scottsville, New York; and Hamble and Southampton in Hampshire, England. It has major distribution centers in the U.K., U.S., and Belgium.

  • Cooper Tire & Rubber Company


    Cooper Tire & Rubber Company is an American company that specializes in the design, manufacture, marketing and sales of replacement automobile and truck tires, and subsidiaries that specialize in medium truck, motorcycle and racing tires. With headquarters in Findlay, Ohio, Cooper Tire has 60 manufacturing, sales, distribution, technical and design facilities within its worldwide family of subsidiary companies. In July 1960, the company became a publicly held corporation and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Cooper owns the UK-based Avon Tyres brand, which produces tires for motorcycles, road cars and for motor racing. The company slogan is "The tire with two names ... the company and the man who built it."

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