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  • Green Bay Country Club


    Green Bay Country Club (GBCC) is a country club located in Bellevue, Wisconsin. The club was established in 1995 and has two sections, a sports center and a golf course.

  • Visalia Country Club


    The Visalia Country Club is a golf only club in Visalia, California. It is a relatively flat course with medium-sized greens. The greens are traditionally known for being real smooth and fast. The oak and pine trees form tree-lines along the fairways. There are grass and sand bunkers around the greens and on the fairways. There are about four to five bunkers per hole. Water hazards (three ponds) come into play on six holes. The signature hole is #16, a 150-yard, par 3, requiring a tee shot over water to a green that is surrounded by trees and bunkers.

  • The Minikahda Club


    The Minikahda Club is a golf club and course located in southwest Minneapolis, Minnesota, just west of Lake Calhoun. The course hosted the U.S. Open in 1916, the U.S. Amateur in 1927, and the Walker Cup in 1957.

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