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    Qello Holdings (also known as Qello) is an American-based entertainment company founded in 2010, in New York, by Brian Lisi, Bob Frank, and Richard Johnson. Qello is the parent company of digital streaming service Qello Concerts, and over-the-top content service provider Qello Media Solutions. Qello Concerts is a digital streaming music service specializing in on-demand concert films and music documentaries. In 2016, Qello Concerts added live streaming events and original programming. The company is currently headquartered in New York City. Qello Concerts licenses long-form concerts, documentaries, behind the scenes footage and interviews from both major and independent music labels. Qello Concerts is currently available in more than 160 countries. Qello Concerts entered the film and television industry in 2016, debuting its first series, Evolution of a Song. The platform also began its live streaming events initiative in 2016 offering live stream events including Slightly Stoopid with Bob Weir at TRI Studios, the 2016 Lockn' Festival, and Umphrey's McGee’s Chucktown Ball.

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