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  • County Detectives Association of Pennsylvania


    Abigail Rhodes of Clarks Summit, PA was recently awarded the Fluck Scholarship from the County Detective's Association of Pennsylvania. She will be attending West Chester University. Abigail sent the following thank you card and asked that it be shared with all members of the association:

  • County detective - Wikipedia


    In Pennsylvania, County Detectives are considered "general police officers" by the courts and as defined by statute. Title 16 P.S. § 1440 As such, County Detectives are empowered to enforce all the criminal and traffic laws of Pennsylvania.

  • Detectives - Bucks County, Pennsylvania


    County Detectives work joint investigations with federal, state and other local agencies and assist any law enforcement agency from outside Bucks County when the case involves jurisdiction in this county. The Bucks County Detectives also maintain and continue to investigate a number of unsolved homicide cases that have occurred in Bucks County.

  • County Detectives | Lancaster County, PA - Official Website


    County Detectives comprise the Investigation Division of the Office of the District Attorney of Lancaster County. County Detectives are authorized by 16 P.S. § 1440 (The county code) and provide District Attorneys in Pennsylvania the resources with which to conduct independent criminal investigations and to provide other law enforcement agencies with investigative assistance.

  • County Detectives


    Detective Hulbert graduated from the Pennsylvania State Police Academy in 1988 and was assigned to Pennsylvania State Police Media Station, Delaware County, from 1988 through 1991. Detective Hulbert transferred to Troop M Bethlehem in 1991 and was assigned to the Belfast Station Patrol Unit.

  • Berks County Detectives


    The Berks County Detectives work closely with police officers from over forty local Berks County police departments and state and federal law enforcement agencies. The majority of the Berks County Detectives are seasoned veterans with a vast amount of police experience and expertise, which they acquired from specialized schools and training.

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