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  • Luther Burger


    A Luther Burger, or doughnut burger (among several naming variations), is a hamburger or cheeseburger with one or more glazed doughnuts in place of the bun. These sandwiches have a disputed origin, and tend to run between approximately .

  • Alone in Love


    Alone in Love (; lit. "Love Generation") is a 2006 South Korea television series, starring Kam Woo-sung, Son Ye-jin, Gong Hyung-jin and Lee Ha-na. It is based on the Japanese novel by Hisashi Nozawa, which was published in 1996 and won the 4th Shimase Literary Prize for Romance in 1997; and tells the story of two ordinary people, as they come to terms with their relationship. The series aired on SBS from April 3 to May 23, 2006 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55 for 16 episodes. Though the ratings were mediocre, the series won acclaim for its subtle and realistic portrayal of love, marriage and divorce.

  • Dunkindonuts.org


    Dunkindonuts.org was a "gripe" website operated for two years by David Felton, a 25-year-old school teacher from Hamden, Connecticut. Felton founded the site in 1997 after he discovered that Dunkin' Donuts coffee stores in Hartford, Connecticut didn't carry certain items, such as 1% milk. The site was established as a hotbed for complaints, inviting Dunkin' Donuts customers and disgruntled employees to vent their opinions about the company and its service for the world to see. Its comment form logged troves of messages from customers across the United States. Media coverage put Dunkindonuts.org in the national spotlight as one early example of corporate criticism on the World Wide Web. The .org site was sometimes listed on search engines before the company's own website.

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