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  • Lake Cumberland State Resort Park


    Lake Cumberland State Resort Park is a state park located on the northern shore of Lake Cumberland near Jamestown, Kentucky in Russell County. The park itself encompasses , while the lake, its major feature, covers approximately .

  • Cove Lake State Park


    Cove Lake State Park is a state park in Campbell County, Tennessee, in the southeastern United States. The park consists of situated around Cove Lake, an impoundment of Cove Creek created by the completion of Caryville Dam in 1936. The park's location is adjacent to the town of Caryville and just west of Jacksboro. Cove Lake is an extension of the much larger Norris Reservoir, which extends across the lower of Cove Creek downstream from Caryville Dam. Cove Lake State Park was one of several state and local parks developed in the 1930s as part of the Norris Dam Project. The park includes a large campground, several small walking trails, and a wildlife observation area. A leg of the Cumberland Trail passes near the park's northern boundary, connecting the park to nearby mountaintops.

  • Cumberland Falls State Resort Park


    Edward Moss Gatliff BridgeCumberland Falls State Resort Park is a park located just southwest of Corbin, Kentucky and is contained entirely within the Daniel Boone National Forest. The park encompasses and is named for its major feature, Cumberland Falls. The falls are one of the few places in the western hemisphere where a moonbow can frequently be seen on nights with a full moon. The park is also the home of Eagle Falls. The section of the Cumberland River that includes the falls was designated a Kentucky Wild River by the Kentucky General Assembly through the Office of Kentucky Nature Preserves' Wild Rivers Program.

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