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  • Coachbuilder


    Ash body frame ready to be clad in metal mounted on a Morgan 4/4 chassis A coachbuilder is a manufacturer of bodies for passenger-carrying vehicles.The word coachbuilder is recorded as early as 1794. From about AD 1000, rougher work was carried out by a wainwright, a wagon-builder. Later names are cartwright, a carpenter who makes carts, also (from 1587);coachwright; (starting in 1599) coachmaker. Subtrades include wheelwright, coachjoiner, etc. Oxford English Dictionary 2011 Coachwork is the body of an automobile or a bus or a horse-drawn passenger vehicle. The word "coach" was derived from the Hungarian town of Kocs. By extension, "coach" also may be used for a railroad passenger car or railway carriage.Custom or bespoke bodies require a rolling chassis to avoid the vast expense of designing and building a suitable unibody or monocoque structure. While the enormous cost of suitable machinery to make steel structures may be avoided by moulding synthetic materials for one-off bodies the high costs of structural design and development remain prohibitively expensive. As well as true custom or bespoke bodies, coachbuilders also made short runs of more-or-less identical bodies to the order of dealers or the manufacturer of a chassis. The same body design might then be adjusted to suit different brands of chassis. Examples include Salmons & Sons' Tickford bodies with a patent device to raise or lower a convertible's roof, used on their 19th century carriages, or Wingham convertible bodies by Martin Walter.Custom body is the standard term in North American English. Coachbuilders are: carrossiers in French, carrozzeria in Italian, Karosseriebauer in German and carroceros in Spanish.Coach-built implies that a body's frame is wooden, but it may not be so. Coachbuilt also describes a recreational vehicle or motorhome that has been purpose-built. A whole new body has been made for a bare chassis, as opposed to a conversion built inside an existing vehicle body.

  • Pimpmobile


    A pimpmobile is a large luxury vehicle, usually a 1960s, '70s or '80s-model Lincoln, Cadillac, Buick or Chrysler vehicle, that has been customized in a garish, extravagant and kitsch or campy style. The style is largely an American phenomenon. Aftermarket features or modifications such as headlight covers, hood ornaments, expensive stereo systems, unusual paint colors, and shag carpet interiors were used by car owners to advertise their wealth and importance. Once considered a pejorative, these customized vehicles were popular with pimps, drug dealers, and gang leaders in the ghettos of large cities of the United States in the late 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, especially New York City, Kansas City, Chicago, Oakland and Los Angeles as a symbol of their wealth and power. By the 1990s and 2000s, pimpmobiles included any large, extravagantly customized vehicle, such as a customized SUV truck.

  • Dashboard


    Bentley Continental GTC car A dashboard (also called dash, instrument panel (IP), or fascia) is a control panel usually located directly ahead of a vehicle's driver, displaying instrumentation and controls for the vehicle's operation.

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