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  • Air travel disruption after the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption


    Composite map of the volcanic ash cloud (with Eyjafjallajökull volcano in red) spanning 14–25 April 2010, based on data by the London Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre's website (Met Office, UK). In response to concerns that volcanic ash ejected during the 2010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland would damage aircraft engines, the controlled airspace of many European countries was closed to instrument flight rules traffic, resulting in the largest air-traffic shut-down since World War II. The closures caused millions of passengers to be stranded not only in Europe, but across the world. With large parts of European airspace closed to air traffic, many more countries were affected as flights to, from, and over Europe were cancelled. After an initial uninterrupted shutdown over much of northern Europe from 15 to 23 April, airspace was closed intermittently in different parts of Europe in the following weeks, as the path of the ash cloud was tracked. The ash cloud caused further disruptions to air travel operations in Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland on 4 and 5 May and in Spain, Portugal, northern Italy, Austria, and southern Germany on 9 May.

  • Berlin Brandenburg Airport


    Willy Brandt Airport, Berlin Brandenburg () is an international airport under construction near the capital of Germany, Berlin. It is adjacent to Berlin Schönefeld Airport in Schönefeld, south of the city centre. It was originally intended to replace both Schönefeld and Berlin Tegel Airport and become the single commercial airport serving Berlin and the surrounding state of Brandenburg. This is an area with a combined 6 million inhabitants. However, it is now planned that it will replace only Tegel, with Schönefeld Airport currently being expanded as it will still be required to cope with rising passenger numbers. With projected annual passenger numbers of around 34 million, Berlin Brandenburg Airport would become the third busiest airport in Germany. This would surpass Düsseldorf Airport and make it one of the fifteen busiest in Europe. Lufthansa, Germanwings and EasyJet are expected to become the leading carriers at Berlin Brandenburg Airport. After almost 15 years of planning, construction began in 2006. Originally planned to open in October 2011, the airport has encountered a series of delays and cost overruns. These were due to poor construction planning, execution, management and corruption. Autumn 2020 became the new target for the official opening date as 2019 became too improbable. A new TÜV report published in November 2017 suggested that the opening could even be delayed until 2021.

  • Kilmacolm railway station


    Kilmacolm railway station was a railway station serving the village of Kilmacolm, in the current council area of Inverclyde and the historic county of Renfrewshire in the West-Central Lowlands of Scotland. It was originally part of the Greenock and Ayrshire Railway, later a line of the Glasgow and South Western Railway.

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