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  • Edward Angle


    Edward Hartley Angle (June 1, 1855 – August 11, 1930) was an American dentist, widely regarded as "the father of American orthodontics". He was trained as a dentist, but made orthodontics his speciality and dedicated his life to standardizing the teaching and practice of orthodontics. He founded the Angle School of Orthodontia in St. Louis and schools in other regions of the United States.

  • Brad Davis (actor)


    Robert Creel Davis (November 6, 1949September 8, 1991), known professionally as Brad Davis, was an American actor, known for starring in the 1978 film Midnight Express and 1982 film Querelle.

  • Mahlon Loomis


    Mahlon Loomis (21 July 1826 – 13 October 1886) was an American dentist and inventor. He is best known for promoting the idea that the Earth's upper atmosphere was divided into discrete concentric layers, and these layers could be tapped by metallic conductors on hills and mountain tops, in order to provide long-distance wireless telegraph and telephone communication, as well as draw electricity down to the Earth's surface. His idea of conductive atmospheric layers has been discredited. However, based on his claims of successful wireless telegraphic and telephonic transmissions in the 1860s and 1870s, it is sometimes asserted that Loomis' equipment had, inadvertently, been the first to produce and receive radio signals.

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