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  • Sheldon Friel


    Ernest Sheldon Friel (1888 – 2 February 1970), was an Irish dentist who was the first specialist orthodontist to practise in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and the second in Europe, going on to become the first Professor of Orthodontics in Europe. His obituary in The Journal of the Irish Dental Association described him as the most distinguished dentist that Ireland had ever produced.

  • Glennon Engleman


    Glennon Edward Engleman (February 6, 1927 – March 3, 1999) was a United States Army veteran and a St. Louis dentist who moonlighted as a hitman, planning and carrying out at least seven murders for monetary gain over the course of 30 years. He was already serving two life sentences in a Missouri state prison when he pleaded guilty to the murder of a man and his wealthy parents in a separate contract killing, that occurred in Illinois. Engleman was a sociopath; once stating that his talent was to kill without remorse and he enjoyed planning and carrying out killings and disposing of the remains, in order that it would net him financial rewards. Engleman would use his financial worth, sex and charm to manipulate women he was close to, ex-wives, lovers and his dental assistant, in helping him formulate and execute elaborate murder schemes. This lead to one of his lovers, Barbara Boyle being convicted as an accomplice and serving less than half of a 50 year sentence. Another accomplice, Robert Handy was also convicted and served time in prison. Methods used to kill his victims included shooting, bludgeoning with a sledgehammer and explosives. The exact number of his victims is unknown.

  • Patterson Companies


    Patterson Companies Inc is a medical supplies conglomerate primarily in the business of veterinary and dental products (ranging from xray equipment to consumable products, dental consumables make up the biggest part of the dental industry). Since 2003, it has also distributed general medical rehabilitative devices like braces and wheel chairs. Traditionally a dental company, it diversified its business at the turn of the millennium when it acquired 55-year-old company, JA Webster Inc, a distributor of veterinary products. That business segment (now known as Patterson Veterinary) currently distributes equipment (diagnostic and surgical) and medicine (anaesthetics, vaccines). The company operates directly in only the US and Canada (in Canada through subsidiaries Sammons Preston Canada and Patterson Dental Canada). In 2008 it was noted as having one of the lowest debt ratios among companies in the health care sector. Patterson was also a member of the Nasdaq-100 until December 10, 2010 when it and six other companies were replaced. The Nasdaq-100 is composed of the 100 largest non financial stocks traded on the Nasdaq.

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