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  • Trans Media


    Trans Media, formerly known as PT Para Inti Investindo and PT Trans Corporation (Trans Corp), is a business unit of Indonesian corporation CT Corp in the fields of media. Trans Media was initially founded as Trans Corp, a liaison between the television station Trans TV and a station that had just taken over 49% ownership stake by CT Corp of Kompas Gramedia Group, Trans 7 (formerly TV7). Trans Media is a subsidiary of CT Corp, owned by Chairul Tanjung. On 15 December 2013, Trans Corp was split to Trans Media, Trans Lifestyle, Trans Property, Trans Oto Internasional, and Trans Retail.

  • 2019 Indonesian protests and riots


  • Detik.com


    detik.com is an online news and article website based in Indonesia. detik.com currently only has online edition and it relies on advertisements for its profit. While the website focuses on news, it also has many articles about other topics such as sport, automotive, food, health, etc. and they are divided by its own site. As July 2014, detik.com was ranked 8th in Indonesia website popularity rank and 322nd in world rank, its total page view from every site division is approximately 16 million views per day. Since August 3, 2011 detik.com has become a part of Trans Media, one business unit of CT Corp.

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