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    Dome Kits geodesic T-bar frame kits are built up to 24' diameter with 12' high ceilings. This is Dome Kits smallest dome kits at 600 square feet of floor space. The size of most one bedroom apartments or large two car garages. Dome Kits uses the 4 frequency icosahedrons geodesic frame because they are flat at the hemisphere or foundation.

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    Dome prices are for complete dome shells. Your local carpenters and trade people may handle cupolas, doors, windows, and extensions at a savings. But we are happy to offer a quote and options in estimate. We concentrate our efforts on having the most affordable, labor friendly, structural, headache free dome kits available -- the way Bucky ...

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    Home Sweet Dome. EconOdome. ECONOMY-FUNCTION-BEAUTY. A comprehensively designed geodesic dome frame kit Evolving Dome Home Building Kits since 1982. Sturdy EconOdome kit built structures are Earthquake, Storm and Hurricane Safer Homes. Precision Cut Dome Kits have Ten Equal Sides. Ten-Equal-Sides Ground Floor is Easier to Build.

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    We call our Faze Change Produx, "EconOdome Kits" for a reason. We include design inovations as we want dome homes built with EconOdome Kits to be very popular in the future. And we want EconOdome Kits to help you build an awesome dome home right now. Another design inovation by Faze Change Produx is a new type of EconOdome frame kit

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    Cost for Birch Dome Kit, Riser Walls, Extensions, Ledger Hangers and Ledgers - $33,176 Budget Figure for Skylights - $4,000. To see specifications, pricing and discounts for these and other dome home plans from Timberline Geodesics, download our latest Sales Flyer.

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    Home Blog Services ... Kits Projects Q & A ... Testimonials Click here to donwload a PDF with all the Geodesic Dome plans. The Alameda (24' Diam) The Amador (30' Diam) The Calaveras (30' Diam) The Glenn (30' Diam) The Humboldt (35' Diam) The Imperial (35' Diam)

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