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  • List of Volvo engines


    Volvo Cars has a long reputation as a maker of inline (or straight) engines. This list of Volvo engines gives an overview of available internal combustion engines. When Volvo started in 1927, they ordered their engines from the engine manufacturer Penta in Skövde. The first engine was the inline four-cylinder side-valve Type DA. In 1931, Volvo acquired a majority of the Penta stock, and in 1935, Penta became a subsidiary of Volvo. For the engines used by Volvo Trucks, see List of Volvo Trucks engines. Previous owner, Ford Motor Company, allowed Volvo to continue to design their own engines, with a new-generation straight-six engine introduced in 2006. More recently the VEA program has been launched. VEA engines are branded as "Drive-E" in marketing. In 2017, Volvo Cars announced they will no longer develop diesel engines.

  • List of aircraft engines


    London Science Museum This is an alphabetical list of aircraft engines by manufacturer. 1. 2 ---- 1.1. 2si -------- 2si 215 – aircraft, multifuel, industrial engine 2si 230 – aircraft, multifuel, industrial engine 2si 460 – aircraft, multifuel, marine, industrial and sport vehicle engine 2si 500 – sport vehicle engine 2si 540 – aircraft and sport vehicle engine 2si 690 – 2. 3 ---- 2.1. 3W ------- Source: RMV 3W-110 3W-112 3W-170 3W-210 3W-220 3. A ---- 3.1. Abadal ----------- Source: RMV (Francisco Serramalera Abadal) Abadal Y-12 350/400 hp 3.2. ABC -------- (All British Engine Co Ltd.)Source: Lumsden ABC 8 hp ABC 30hp V-4 ABC 45hp V-6 ABC 60hp V-8 ABC 85hp V-6 ABC 100hp V-8 ABC 115 hp ABC 170hp V-12 ABC 225hp V-16 ABC 1,000hp W-24 ABC Dragonfly ABC Gadfly ABC Gnat ABC Hornet ABC Mosquito ABC Scorpion ABC Wasp ABC type 10 APU ABC type 11 APU 3.3. ABECO ---------- Source: RMV ABECO GEM 3.4. Aberg ---------- Source: RMV Type Sklenar 3.5. ABLE --------- Source: RMV, Able Experimental Aircraft Engine Co. (Able Experimental Aircraft Engine Co., Altimizer, Hoverhawk (US)) ABLE 2275 ABLE 2500 ABLE VW x 2 Geared Drive 3.6. ACAE --------- Source: RMV (See (AVIC) 3.7. Accurate Automation Corp ----------------------------- Accurate Automation AT-1500 Accurate Automation AT-1700 3.8. Ace -------- (Ace American Engr Corp, Horace Keane Aeroplane Co, North Beach, Long Island NY.) Ace 1919 40hp 3.9. ACE -------- (American Cirrus Engine Inc)Source: RMV ACE Cirrus ACE LA-1 19?? (ATC 31) = 140 hp 7RA. Evolved into Jacobs LA-1. ACE Mk III 1929 (ATC 30, 44) = 90 hp 310ci 4LAI; (44) for 110 hp supercharged model. ACE Mk III Hi-Drive ACE Ensign 3.10. ACT --------- (Aircraft Cylinder and Turbine Co)Source: RMV ACT Super 600 3.11. Adams ----------- Source: RMV Adams (UK) 4 Cylinder in-line of 140 HP Adams (UK) 8 V 3.12. Adams-Dorman ------------------ Source: RMV Adams-Dorman 60/80 HP 3.13. Adams-Farwell ------------------- (Adams Company, Dubuque, Iowa / F.O. Farwell)Source: RMV Adams-Farwell 36hp 5-cyl rotary engine Adams-Farwell 50 HP Adams-Farwell 55hp 5-cyl rotary Adams-Farwell 63hp 5-cyl rotary Adams-Farwell 72hp 5-cyl rotary Adams-Farwell 280hp 6cyl double rotary Adams-Farwell 6-cyl double rotary Adams-Farwell 10-cyl double rotary Adams-Farwell 14-cyl double rotary Adams-Farwell 18-cyl double rotary Adams-Farwell KM 11 3.14. ADC --------- Source: Lumsden ADC Cirrus ADC Airdisco ADC Cirrus ADC Nimbus ADC Airsix ADC BR2 ADC Viper ADC Airdisco-Renault 3.15. Adept-Airmotive --------------------- Source: RMV Adept 280 N Adept 300 R Adept 320 T 3.16. Ader ---------- Source: RMV Ader Eole engine (Vapour) Ader Avion engine (Vapour) Ader 2V Ader 4V 3.17. Adler ----------- Source: RMV Adler 50hp 4-cyl in-line Adler 100hp 6-cyl in-line Adler 222hp V-8 3.18. Admiralty --------------- Source: RMV Admiralty Rotary A.R.1 3.19. Adorjan & Dedics ---------------------- Source: RMV Adorjan & Dedics 2V 3.20. Advance Engines --------------------- Source: RMV Advance 4V, 20/25 HP 3.21. Advanced Engine Design ---------------------------- Source: RMV Advanced Engine Design Spitfire 1 Cylinder Advanced Engine Design Spitfire 2 Cylinder Advanced Engine Design Spitfire 3 Cylinder Advanced Engine Design Spitfire 4 Cylinder Advanced Engine Design K2-1000 Advanced Engine Design 110 HP (BMW Conversion) Advanced Engine Design 220 LC Advanced Engine Design 440 LC Advanced Engine Design 660 LC Advanced Engine Design 880 LC Advanced Engine Design 530 (Kawasaki Conversion) 3.22. AEADC ----------- (Aircraft Engine & Accessory Development Corporation)Source: RMV AEADC Gryphon M AEADC Gryphon N AEADC O-510 (Gryphon M) AEADC O-810 (Gryphon N) 3.23. AEC --------- Source: RMV AEC Keane 3.24. Aeolus Flugmotor ---------------------- Source: RMV 3.25. Aerien CC --------------- Source: RMV Aerien 20/25 HP Aerien 30 HP 3.26. Aermacchi --------------- Source: RMV Aermacchi MB-2 3.27. Aero & Marine ------------------- Aero & Marine 50 HP 3.28. Aero Adventure (engines) ------------------------------ Source: RMV Aero Adventure GFL-2000 3.29. Aero Conversions Inc. --------------------------- Source: RMV (See AeroConversions) 3.30. Aero Development ---------------------- Source: RMV (See SPEER) 3.31. Aero Engines Ltd. ----------------------- (formerly William Douglas (Bristol) Ltd.) Aero Engines Dryad Aero Engines Pixie Aero Engines Sprite Aero Engines Inverted V-4 Aero Engines Inverted V-6 Douglas 750cc 3.32. Aero Motion ----------------- Source: RMV Aero Motion 0-100 Aero Motion 0-101 3.33. Aero Motors ----------------- Source: RMV Aero Motors Aerobat 150 HP 3.34. Aero Pixie ---------------- Source: RMV Aero Pixie 153 cc, 2T 3.35. Aero Prag --------------- Source: RMV Aeroprag KT-422 Aeroprag AP-45 Aeroprag TP-422 3.36. Aero Products ------------------- (Aero Products Aeronautical Products Corp, Naugatuck CT.)Source: RMV Aero Products Scorpion 100 HP 3.37. Aero Sled --------------- Source: RMV Aero Sled Twin Flat, 20 HP 3.38. Aero Sport International ------------------------------ Source: RMV Aero Sport International Wade Aero (WANKEL) 2 Types 3.39. Aero Sport Power ---------------------- Source: RMV Aero Sport Power Up-Rated Lycomings and Continentals 3.40. Aero Thrust ----------------- Source: RMV 3.41. Aero Turbines Ltd ----------------------- Source: RMV 3.42. AeroTwin Motors Corporation --------------------------------- (Henderson, Nevada, United States) AeroTwin AT972T 3.43. Aerodaimler ----------------- Source: RMV 3.44. Aeroconversions --------------------- Source: RMV (AeroConversions, Inc. (AeroVee), Oshkosh, Wisconsin) AeroVee 2180 3.45. Aerojet ------------- (Aerojet-General Corporation) Aerojet LR59 Aerojet LR87 Aerojet LR91 Aerojet Titan II engine Aerojet Titan III transstage engine Aerojet Ablestar Aerojet Able Aerojet M-1 Aerojet Hawk motor (for Hawk SAM) Aerojet Polaris motor Aerojet Minuteman motor Aerojet Senior Aerojet 2.2KS-11000 Aerojet 2.2KS-33000 Aerojet 2.5KS-18000 Aerojet 5KS-4500 Aerojet 12AS-250 Junior Aerojet 14AS-1000 Aerojet 15KS-1000 Aerojet 15NS-250 Aerojet AJ-260 - largest solid rocket motor ever built, recently still in existence at the former Aerojet-Dade facility 3.46. Aeromarine Company ------------------------ Source: RMV Aeromarine Company D5-1 (Pulse-Jet) 3.47. Aeromarine ---------------- Aeromarine AL Aeromarine NAL Aeromarine S Aeromarine S-12 Aeromarine AR-3 Aeromarine AR-3-40 Aeromarine AR-5 Aeromarine AR-7 Aeromarine AL-24 Aeromarine B-9 Aeromarine B 45 degree V-8 170 hp Aeromarine B 90 degree V-8 166 hp Aeromarine D-12 150 hp Aeromarine K-6 100 hp Aeromarine L-6 130 hp Aeromarine L-6-D (direct drive) Aeromarine L-6-G (geared) Aeromarine L-8 192 hp Aeromarine RAD Aeromarine T-6 Aeromarine U-6 Aeromarine U-6-D Aeromarine U-8 Aeromarine U-8-873 Aeromarine U-8D Aeromarine 85hp 1914 Aeromarine 90hp 6-cyl in-line Aeromarine 100hp V-8 3.48. Aeromax ------------- Source: RMV Aeromax 100 I-F-B Aeromax 100 L-D 3.49. Aeromotion ---------------- See AMI 3.50. Aeromotor --------------- (Detroit Aeromotor. Const. Co)Source: RMV Aeromotor 30hp 4-cyl in-line Aeromotor 75hp 6-cyl in-line 3.51. Aeronamic --------------- Source: RMV Aeronamic ATS 3.52. Aeronautical Engineering Co. ---------------------------------- Source: RMV Aeronautical Engineering 9-cyl radial 200 HP 3.53. Aeronautical Manufacturing -------------------------------- Source: RMV 3.54. Aeronca ------------- Aeronca E-107 (-A) Aeronca E-113 (-A,-B, -C,-CB,-CD, CBD) Aeronca O-107 Aeronca O-113 3.55. Aeronco ------------- (Aeronautical Corporation of Great Britain Ltd.)?Source: RMV Aeronco E-113 c 3.56. Aeroplane --------------- (Aeroplane Motors)Source: RMV Aeroplane 59hp V-8 3.57. Aeroprotech ----------------- Source: RMV Aeroprotech VW 2.3 3.58. Aerosila -------------- (APU'S, APP'S)Source: RMV Aerosila TA-4 FE Aerosila 6 A/U Aerosila 8 N/K Aerosila 12 Aerosila 12-60 Aerosila 14 (-032,-130,-35) Aerosila 18-100 (-200) GTTP-300 3.59. Aerosport --------------- Aerosport-Rockwell LB600 3.60. Aerosud-Marvol -------------------- Source: RMV 3.61. Aerostar -------------- Source: RMV Aerostar M14P Aerostar M14V-26 3.62. Aerotech engines ---------------------- Source: RMV Aerotech 2 Cylinder 2T 3.63. Aerotech-PL ----------------- Source: RMV Aerotech-PL EA81, Subaru conversion Aerotech-PL VW conversion Aerotech-PL BMW conversion Aerotech-PL Suzuki conversion Aerotech-PL Guzzi conversion 3.64. Aerotechnik ----------------- Source: RMV Aerotechnik Tatra-100 Aerotechnik Tatra-102 Aerotechnik Hirth (Lic) Aerotechnik Mikron (Lic) Aerotechnik Tatra-714 (VW) 3.65. Aerotek (USA) ------------------- Source: RMV Aerotek Mazda RX-7 (conversion) 3.66. AeroVee ------------- (See Aero Conversions) 3.67. AES --------- (See Rev-Air) 3.68. AFECO ----------- (Joint Arab-French venture) 3.69. Affordable Turbine Power ------------------------------ Source: RMV Affordable Turbine Power Model 6.5 3.70. AFR --------- Source: RMV AFR BMW Conversion AFR R 100 70/80 hp AFR R 1100D 90/100 hp AFR R 1100S 98 hp AFR R 1150RT 95 hp AFR R 1200GS 100 hp 3.71. Agilis ------------ (Agilis Engines)Sources: RMV Agilis TF-800 Agilis TF-1000 Agilis TF-1200 Agilis TF-1400 Agilis TF-1500 Agilis TJ-60 (MT-60) Agilis TJ-75 Agilis TJ-80 Agilis TJ-400 3.72. Agusta ------------ Agusta GA.40 Agusta GA.70/0 Agusta GA.70/V Agusta GA.140/V Agusta A.270 Turbomeca-Agusta TA.230 3.73. Ahrbecker Son and Hankers ------------------------------- Source: RMV Ahrbecker Son and Hankers 10 HP Ahrbecker Son and Hankers 20 HP Ahrbecker Son and Hankers 1 Cylinder – vapor 3.74. AIC --------- (Aviation Ind. China. See Catic and Carec) 3.75. Aichi ----------- Source:Gunston 1989 except where noted. A preserved Aichi Atsuta Aichi AC-1 Aichi Atsuta (License-built Daimler-Benz DB 601A for IJN)(Atsuta 31) Kawasaki Ha40 (IJAAS designation) Kawasaki Ha-60 (unified designation system) Aichi Ha-70 (Coupled Atsuta 30s) Aichi AE1A (Atsuta 21) Aichi AE1P (Atsuta 32) 3.76. AICTA ----------- (AICTA Design Work, Prague, Czech Republic) AICTA LMD 416-00R 3.77. AIDC ---------- Source: RMV 3.78. Aiello ------------ Aiello Experimentals, various models 3.79. Aile Volante ------------------ Aile Volante C.C.2 Aile Volante C.C.4 3.80. Air Repair Incorporated ----------------------------- Source: RMV (Jacobs License) Air Repair Incorporated L-4 Air Repair Incorporated L-5 Air Repair Incorporated L-6(Jacobs-Page License) Air Repair Incorporated R755 3.81. Air Ryder --------------- Source: RMV Air Ryder Subaru EA-81 (Conversion) 3.82. Air Technical Arsenal --------------------------- Source: RMV Air Technical Arsenal TSU-11 Air Technical Arsenal TR-30 3.83. Air-Craft Engine Corp --------------------------- Source: RMV Air-Craft Engine Corp LA-1 3.84. Aircat ------------ (Detroit Aircraft Eng. Corp.)Source: RMV Aircat Radial 5 cylinders 3.85. Aircooled Motors ---------------------- (See Franklin) 3.86. Aircraft -------------- ( Aircraft Engine Co Inc, Oakland CA.) Aircraft 1911 80hp 3.87. Aircraft Engine Develop. ------------------------------ Alfaro Axial "Baby" Twin-flat 3.88. Aircraft Engine Services ------------------------------ AES -V300T 3.89. Aircraft Engine Specialists --------------------------------- Millenium (Up-rated Lyc. and Cont) 3.90. Aircraft Holding Corp. ---------------------------- Murray Ajax Murray Atlas 3.91. Aircraft & Ind. Motor Corp. --------------------------------- (See Schubert) 3.92. Aircraft Propeller Co. ---------------------------- 3.93. Airculture ---------------- Guzzi (conversion) BMW (conversion) 3.94. Airdelta -------------- Hiro 3.95. AiResearch ---------------- (See Garrett, Allied Signal and Honeywell) 3.96. Airex ----------- Airex Rx2 Airex Rx10 3.97. Airmotive-Perito ---------------------- See ADAPT Airmotive-Perito 280N Airmotive-Perito 300R Airmotive-Perito 320T 3.98. Airship ------------- Airship A-Tech 100 Diesel 3.99. Airtrike -------------- (AirTrike GmbH i.L., Berlin, Germany) Airtrike 850ti 3.100. Airways Mfg. ------------------- 3.101. AISA ----------- Source: RMV Ramjet on rotor 3.102. Aixro ------------ Source: RMV Aixro XF-40 Aixro XH-40 Aixro XP-40 Aixro XR-30 Aixro XR-40 Aixro XR-50 3.103. Ajax ----------- Source: RMV Ajax 7-cyl rotary Ajax 6-cyl radial (2 rows of 3 cyls.), 80 HP 3.104. Akkerman --------------- Akkerman Model 235 30 HP, special fuel 3.105. Akron ------------ Funk E200 Funk E4L 3.106. AKSAI ------------ 3.107. Albatross ---------------- (Albatross Co Detroit) Albatross 50hp 6-cyl radial Albatross 100hp 6-cyl radial 3.108. Aldasoro --------------- Aldasoro aero engine 3.109. Alexander ---------------- Alexander 4-cyl Alexanderradial 5-cyl 3.110. Alfa Romeo ----------------- (Societa per Azioni Alfa Romeo)Data from:Italian Civil & Military Aircraft 1930–1945 Romeo 600hp V-12 Alfa Romeo V-6 diesel Alfa Romeo V-12 diesel Alfa Romeo D2 Alfa Romeo 100 or RA.1100 Alfa Romeo 101 or RA.1101 Alfa Romeo 110 Alfa Romeo 111 Alfa Romeo 115 Alfa Romeo 116 Alfa Romeo 121 Alfa Romeo 122 R.C.38 Alfa Romeo 125 Alfa Romeo 126 Alfa Romeo 127 Alfa Romeo 128 Alfa Romeo 129 Alfa Romeo 131 Alfa Romeo 135 Alfa Romeo 136 Alfa Romeo 138 R.C.23/65 Alfa Romeo RA.1000 Alfa Romeo RA.1050 Alfa Romeo RA.1100 or AR.100 Alfa Romeo RA.1101 or AR.101 Alfa Romeo AR.318 Alfa Romeo Dux Alfa Romeo Jupiter Alfa Romeo Lynx Alfa Romeo Mercury Alfa Romeo Pegasus 3.111. Alfaro ------------- Alfaro baby engine Alfaro 155 hp 4-cyl barrel engine 3.112. Allen ------------ Allen O-675 3.113. Alliance --------------- Alliance Warrior 7-cyl radial 3.114. Allied ------------- Allied Monsoon Licensed manufacturer of French Règnier 4L 3.115. AlliedSignal ------------------- AlliedSignal TPE-331 Garrett TPF351 AlliedSignal LTS101 AlliedSignal ALF502/LF507 3.116. Allis-Chalmers --------------------- Source: Gunston Allis-Chalmers J36 3.117. Allison -------------- Allison V-1710 Allison V-1410 (IV-1410 inverted air-cooled Liberty) Allison IV-1410 Allison VG-1410 (IV-1410 inverted air-cooled Liberty) Allison V-1650 Allison V-1710 Allison V-3420 Allison X-4520 Allison 250 (T63)(T703) Allison 252 Allison 500 (T40) Allison 501 (D – T56)(F – T38) Allison 503 Allison 504 Allison 545 Allison 550 Allison 578-DX Allison J33 Allison J35 Allison J56 Allison J71 Allison J89 Allison J102 Allison T38 Allison T39 Allison T40 Allison T44 Allison T54 Allison T56 Allison T61 Allison T63 Allison T71 Allison T78 Allison T80 Allison T406 (AE1107) Allison T701 (Allison 501-M62) Allison T703 (Allison 250) Allison TF32 Allison TF41 (RR Spey) Allison GMA 200 Allison GMA 500 Allison AE1107 Allison AE3010 Allison AE3012 Allison PD-37 Pyrodyne 3.118. Almen ------------ Almen A-4 3.119. Alvaston --------------- Alvaston 20hp 2-cyl opposed Alvaston 30hp 2-cyl opposed Alvaston 50hp 4-cyl opposed 3.120. Alvis ------------ Source: Lumsden Alvis Alcides Alvis Alcides Major Alvis Leonides Alvis Leonides Major Alvis Maeonides Major Alvis Pelides Alvis Pelides Major 3.121. American Cirrus Engine (ACE) ----------------------------------- See: ACE 3.122. American Engineering Corporation --------------------------------------- Source: RMV ACE Keane 3.123. American Helicopter -------------------------- American Helicopter PJ49 Pulsejet American Helicopter XPJ49-AH-3 3.124. American --------------- American 1911 rotary American S-5 radial 3.125. AMCEL ------------ (AMCEL Propulsion Company) AMCEL controllable solid fuel rocket 3.126. AMI ---------- (AeroMotion Inc.) AeroMotion Twin AeroMotion O-100 Twin AeroMotion O-101 Twin 3.127. AMT ---------- AMT Nike 3.128. A.M.U.A.L ---------------- (Établissement A.M.U.A.L) A.M.U.A.L M.J.5 65° V-8 350 hp A.M.U.A.L M.J.6 90° V-8 400 hp A.M.U.A.L M.J.7 90° V-8 600 hp 3.129. Angle ------------ Angle 100hp Radial 3.130. Ansaldo -------------- (Gio. Ansaldo & C. / San Giorgio) Ansaldo San Giorgio 4E-145 6I 300 hp Ansaldo San Giorgio 4E-150 6I 300 hp Ansaldo San Giorgio 4E-284 V-12 450 hp Ansaldo San Giorgio 4E-290 V-12 550 hp 3.131. Antoinette ----------------- Source:Gunston Antoinette 32hp V-8 Antoinette 46hp? Antoinette 64hp V-16 Antoinette 67hp V-8 Antoinette 165hp V-16 Antoinette 134hp V-8 Antoinette 55hp V-8 Antoinette V-32 3.132. Anzani ------------- (Société des Moteurs Anzani)Source:For British Anzani products see: British Anzani Anzani 6Air-cooled Anzani engines Anzani V-2 Anzani 14hp 3-cyl fan Anzani 15hp 3-cyl fan Anzani 24.5hp 3-cyl fan Anzani 31.6hp 3-cyl fan Anzani 42.3hp 3-cyl fan Anzani 10-12hp 3-cyl fan Anzani 12-15hp 3-cyl fan Anzani 25-30hp 3-cyl fan Anzani 30-35hp 3-cyl fan Anzani 40-45hp 3-cyl fan Anzani 45-50hp 3-cyl fan Anzani 30hp 3-cyl radial Anzani 45hp 5-cyl radial Anzani 60hp 5-cyl radial Anzani 40-45hp 6-cyl radial Anzani 50-60hp 6-cyl radial Anzani 70hp 6-cyl radial Anzani 80hp 6-cyl radial Anzani 95hp 7-cyl radial Anzani 60-70hp 10-cyl radial

  • List of VM Motori engines


    Italian manufacturer VM Motori S.p.A. has designed and built several different diesel engines for many third-party applications. Fiat is the actual owner, and sells projects to automotive manufacturers like GM, Jeep, and other companies. VM Motori offers different range of engines depending on the applications: automotive, industrial, marine, and power generation.

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