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  • U-Haul


    U-Haul is an American moving equipment and storage rental company, based in Phoenix, Arizona, that has been in operation since 1945. The company was founded by Leonard Shoen (L. S. "Sam" Shoen) in Ridgefield, Washington, who began it in the garage owned by his wife's family, and expanded it through franchising with gas stations.

  • GAZelle


    The GAZelle () is a series of light commercial vehicles: pickup trucks, vans and minibuses made by Russian car manufacturer GAZ. GAZelle, together with its lighter version Sobol, account for the majority of the Russian van and light truck market, has strong positions on the markets of CIS countries and rank as GAZ's most popular and successful products. In 2010-2011 the GAZelle family underwent a serious upgrade. The upgraded model was renamed GAZelle Business. The changes affected 20 main vehicle units and systems, including steering, brakes, gearbox, cooling system, transmission and interior. In 2013 GAZ started serial production of the new generation GAZelle NEXT light commercial vehicle.

  • List of Renault vehicles


    Renault "Renault Sport R.S. 01", 2014|thumb|240px This is a list of vehicles produced by Renault. Renault new models were usually introduced at the Paris Motor Show. The Paris Motor Show during this period was held in September or October of most years. Hence a new model introduced at say the 2015 Show would be defined as a 2016 model. In February 2012, Renault axed the Laguna, Espace, Kangoo, Modus, and Wind lines in the United Kingdom.

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