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  • List of concerts at The Anthem


    The Anthem is a music venue and auditorium in Washington D.C. opened in October 2017. With a capacity of 2,500 to 6,000, the venue is used for multiple concerts, spanning a wide range of musical genres. The following is a list of concerts and music events that have been held at the arena.

  • Harem World Tour


    The Harem World Tour was the third worldwide concert tour by English soprano singer Sarah Brightman following the release of the Harem album (2003). The tour began on January 10, 2004, in Mexico City, and concluded on December 23 of tht same year, in Tokio, Japan. The Harem tour became Brightman's highest-grossing tour, collecting $60 million in revenue and sold 800,000 tickets, $15 million and 225,000 sales of which came from the North American leg. The tour brought Brightman to perform in 4 continents, 28 countries in 119 venues.

  • Back to Me Tour


    The Back to Me Tour was the first headlining concert tour by American recording artist Fantasia Barrino. Primarily visiting the United States, the tour supported her third studio album, Back to Me. Previously, Barrino toured with Kanye West on his "Touch The Sky Tour" in 2005. Barrino also toured alongside Jamie Foxx on his "Unpredictable Tour" in 2006 and the "American Idols LIVE! Tour 2004" in 2004.

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