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  • Inside Passage


    A map of the Alaskan portion of the Inside Passage.The Inside Passage () is a coastal route for ships and boats along a network of passages which weave through the islands on the Pacific NW coast of North America. The route extends from southeastern Alaska, in the United States, through western British Columbia, in Canada, to northwestern Washington state, in the United States. Ships using the route can avoid some of the bad weather in the open ocean and may visit some of the many isolated communities along the route. The Inside Passage is heavily travelled by cruise ships, freighters, tugs with tows, fishing craft and ships of the Alaska Marine Highway, BC Ferries, and Washington State Ferries systems. The term "Inside Passage" is also often used to refer to the ocean and islands around the passage itself.

  • List of Alaska Routes


    The Sterling Highway is a typical example of what is considered a highway in Alaska; four lane restricted-access routes are not used outside of the largest cities.Alaska Routes are both numbered and named. There have been only twelve numbers issued (1 through 11 and 98), and the numbering often has no obvious pattern. For example, Alaska Route 4 runs north and south, whereas Alaska Route 2 runs largely east and west, but runs north and south passing through and to the north of Fairbanks. The Klondike Highway, built in 1978, was unnumbered until 1998, when it was given its designation during the centennial of the Klondike Gold Rush. However, many Alaskan highways of greater length than the Klondike Highway remain unnumbered.

  • MV Bartlett


    M/V Bartlett was a ferry vessel for the Alaska Marine Highway servicing Prince William Sound. The 193-foot-long Bartlett was built for the Alaska Marine Highway System in 1968 by Jeffboat Inc. of Jeffersonville, Ind., for $3.25 million. It was retired in 2003 due to impending regulations which would have required substantial and expensive upgrades. It was sold on eBay in August 2003 to Lloyd Cannon, president of All Alaskan Seafoods and donated to the Seattle Maritime Academy. The closing price was $389,500.

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