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  • Formula One sponsorship liveries


    Formula One sponsorship liveries have been used since the late 1960s, replacing the previously used national colours. With sponsors becoming more important with the rising costs in Formula One, many teams wanted to be able to display the logos of their sponsors as clearly as possible. The liveries are usually changed for every season in the sport, marking the marketing ideas of the sponsors. Many teams keep some consistency over the years however, like the red colour of Ferrari, which has its origin in a shade of red known as rosso corsa being the national racing colour of Italy. Tobacco and alcohol advertising was common in motorsport, however as bans spread throughout the world teams used an alternate livery which alluded to the tobacco or alcohol sponsor, or entirely eliminated their name when in nations with a ban – this is now only seen on Ferrari's Marlboro sponsored vehicles – where the sponsor is technically banned from advertising in all host nations. At historical events, cars are allowed to use the livery which was used when the car was actively competing.

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