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  • Flemings (supermarkets)


    Flemings was a chain of supermarkets in Sydney. The chain was owned by Woolworths Limited supermarket still traded under the Flemings name for a while until all stores were either closed or converted to Woolworths metro locations. Internally Food for Less stores was known as Woolworths Supermarkets during its final years and featured the same marketing materials and carry the same home brand products. The Last Flemings supermarket was located at Jannali. It is now a Woolworths metro store Since some time around the late 1990s, Flemings stores have internally rebranded to Woolworths and have not started changing the Flemings brand on the front of the store until the late 2000s. Pendle Hill store was refurbished and rebranded Woolworths in late 2009. The Umina Beach store, a well-known site to holidaymakers on the Central Coast of NSW closed on 17 June 2010 and was replaced by a Woolworths opposite the old Flemings store. The Bexley North store, one of the oldest remaining stores was closed in 2017 and transformed and rebadged to a Woolworths Metro store.

  • Robert Fleming & Co.


    Robert Fleming & Co. was an asset manager and merchant bank founded in Dundee, Scotland, in 1873. In 1909 the firm moved its headquarters to London. It was sold to Chase Manhattan Bank for over $7 billion in 2000. Flemings was a 50% partner in the highly successful Asian investment bank Jardine Fleming. At its height in 1997, Robert Fleming Holdings reported over 8,000 employees and operations in 44 countries.

  • Philip Fleming (banker)


    Philip Fleming (15 August 1889 – 13 October 1971) was a British merchant banker and rower who competed in the 1912 Summer Olympics.

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